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‘Captured’ and other poems

By: Roger G. Singer CAPTURED moonlighton the driftof your face pauses to gazethe beauty as your handshields thefountains ablazewithin your eyesfrom a moonjealous ofyour youthfulheart ### BELOW strong gravestone name, date, a […]


By: Andrea Myinga There are no worries,If all you want is your selfEarth peopled with strangersThey first care for themselves. Look around at least to find oneThe sun might fall downLeaving your […]


By: Leigh-Anne Burley Birth and deathreset clocksbells toll on both. Heady winds thwartsailors and politicians. Paying attention is anessential navigational instrument. Fog and stumblingproduce clarity. There is a broader range of truthin […]

Ash Wednesday

By: A.J. Ortega It was my fault, and I knew this only when I was kicking through charred furniture, books, and two-by-fours.I hoped that I’d find the red lunchbox, only half-melted, and, […]