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‘Symbolism’ and other poems

By: JD DeHart Symbolism No, it does not matter which colorof undershirt I put on today. It’s nota grand symbol of what is to come. A shirt is a shirt, just like […]

Almost true

By: Aya Naser Qadoumi Deep conversationsLong gone sensationHopeless longingTo something fading Deep confessionHuge concessionMet by disapprovalAnd denial of feelings Love oppressed,Denied till deadBut almost trueThat love to you Deep confessionReplaced by oppressionCountless […]


By: James Aitchison Evil is inevitable.So is goodness.I know the course ofCivilizations.The wheel spins,Guiding your pure inner selfTo peace.I speak of inner safety,Release from mental torment.All men have been assignedTheir series of […]