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‘abandoned by all things’ and other poems

Karl Koweski recounts rejecting his brother’s request to write a eulogy for a scarcely-remembered father—a man whose legacy is as grim as the neglected upbringing both siblings endured. He reflects on his own troubled youth, narrowly escaping containment in an institution that housed abandoned children, a place he equated with prison. Now, besieged by a paralyzing languor and the relentless noise of a haunted past, Karl confronts the daily struggle to persist, armed only with a numbed conscience and dwindling resolve.

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Cabernet or Chardonnay

By: Judge Santiago Burdon  Does he touch you with deep cabernet dreams, or is it just chardonnay passion, does your heart race from his nearness, is there surrender in his scent, does he tempt you, does he leave you breathless,…

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‘Kite’ and other poems

The poems of Mahathi teem with introspection and vivid imagery, revealing a spectrum of thoughts from a kite’s flight symbolizing lost freedom to a yearning heart’s call for a distant love. They shed light on the profound act of seeing the divine despite the lack of sensory experience and reflect on the poet’s personal authenticity amidst societal expectations. Persistent themes include the clash of ideals within religious contexts and the inner turmoil experienced amidst tranquil nature. Mahathi’s body of work, comprising nine books, is characterized by its classical style and engaging verse.

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No More

Pettra Yahya expresses a final farewell to alcohol, emphasizing the damage it caused, from physical debilitation to emotional boredom. They declare a determined break-up with alcohol, confidently banishing it from their life and celebrating newfound freedom by removing its presence entirely.

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‘Rustic’ and other poems

By: Rita McDermott Rustic Cold damp rain pervades the forestWhile flames crackle in the stone fireplaceBeads of moisture slide down the windowpaneAnd the scent of burning logs fills the room.Enveloped by the warmth of the fireTaking in the view of…

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‘Dating a Troll’ and other poems

By: Blair Boleyn Dating a Troll My beauty you extol,But you don’t care about my soul.You just want a doll you can control. Morgana’s Admirer You said, “You, my friend, I admire,You’re not afraid to walk close to the fire.You…

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‘Schizo’ and other poems

By: Marc Carver SCHIZO I like walking at nightthe streetlights show two of metwo shadows that fall one behind the otheralthough we still go the same wayI wonder which one I amof course I am bothtwo men but oneBut I…

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Where Do Rainbows Go?

By: Bruce Levine Where do rainbows go After they fade away? Is there a land of color And parades of chocolate cake? Do leprechauns go bowling Or skate in pools of rain? Do milkshakes last forever In a never empty…

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‘The Snow Train’ and other poems

By: Ed Nichols The Slow Train        A train came by the station so fast it was just a blur. So fast we could scarcely read the writing on the side of the train. Everybody was confused. We didn’t understand what…

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For Danica Joy’s 27th Birthday

By: April Mae Berza She is beautiful inside outlike an ethereal flame,rekindling the summers of youth,sweet and innocent.Her passion for dogs and catsshines through,I’m in awe and wonderhow she embracesher days and nightstaking care of her beloved.Since her smiles and…