Category: Poetry

‘A Living Poem’ and other poems

By: Richard LeDue A Living Poem I’m still aliveas long as you read this,even after silence tells methe truth about godsand worms wonder whymy eyes taste nothinglike apples. ### A coffee stained […]

‘Stay’ and other poems

By: Jasna Gugić STAYCover me with your beautyFill the cracks in my heartWithout youI’m dried up sourceA standing riverI’m the road whichLeads to nowhereSilent in helplessnessAll alone without a splendourImpersonal viewsStaring at […]

‘Lake, Frozen’ and other poems

By: Christian Ward Lake, Frozen Freezing weatherturned the lakeinto an icy tear.The snow coveredhillside, swept asidelike a brushstrokegone wrong, indifferent.The blue sky, framedin its Post-it note,offers no consolationto the frozen-over lake —like […]

Lovely deceit

By Kenya Jimenez A love story,I thought it would be.The ending unveilingmy reality.From beginning to endIt was all deceit. Felt the butterfliesin my stomach and sparkswhen we first kissed,the cliché,you know how […]