Category: Poetry

Poems by Simon Perchik

By: Simon Perchik *Hot milk, half with butterfliesand the cup helps you thinkwhat happened happened clearly letting her blouse open so one breastcooled before the other though youare 5 going on 5½, […]

Poems by Aruna Subramanian

By: Aruna Subramanian 1Time is THE best friendone could chance upon.It’d peel off certain masksto save you from fallinginto the trap of illusion.Befriend time!! 2.Our planet’s becomethan abode of walking machines.Synthetics rule […]

The Fearless

By: Colin James I’m leaning against a flagpole.It’s moving a bit in the windenough for prophesies of nauseawithout being political,besides the obvious bias.Flag not currently flying,the rope is clanging, echoingfrom the poles […]