Category: Poetry

The dreamery inshore

By: Paweł Markiewicz A dreamed ship has gone agroundat the most marvelous and dreamiest afterglow.The mast adverts to orientation ofa tender Morning star.Seafarers died at midnightfeeling the sea-like fantasy.The wind wrenched a […]

The Eclipse

By: Moulay Cherif CHEBIHI HASSANI The suffering sun eclipses and takes its distanceTired of our funeral chants and slandersRegrets are hard to be found in its cooled shelves.Since then, our madness has […]

Little Things

By: Amrita Valan The mind is a repository, a church,A museum, a junk yardAn attic, a trunk,Stashed away with treasures, puzzlesGems, obsolete ciphers. I have been seeingThe tiny corner tableFrom early childhood […]