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Travel: Civita de Bagnoregio

By: Jim Alexander Dave and I stood dumbfounded when we gazed across the Tiber Valley at the ancient city of Civita. The abandoned medieval buildings that clustered atop steep cliff looked surreal and the distant plateau might have been an apparition….

Germany’s new right wing

By William T. Hathaway Since parliamentary democracy was restored in Germany after World War Two, several right-wing parties have sought to get the required 5% of the popular vote to be represented in parliament. They all failed until 2017. In…

The Pigeon Man of Fez

By: Jacob Mardell I mistook Ibrahim for a calm man, but when he spoke about our imminent doom, his long, sedate face lit up. With the enthusiasm of a village gossip, excitement bristled his features, and with the sincerity of a…