The beer game notched up in Bengaluru with the launch of Cavalier Brewery

Deepa Raju and Mamta Roy

Chancery Pavilion, a hospitality chain in Bengaluru, launched an unparalleled Australian craft brewery by Cavalier as a part of its gastronomic destination at ‘Alchemy’.

Grishma%2c Arijit%2c Babita Sharma%2c Arun Sharma%2c Rekha Jain%2c Deepa Raju and Mamta Roy.JPGCavalier’s foray into the country with The Chancery Group is set to entice the beer lovers in the city. Bangaloreans can now enjoy freshly brewed craft beer paired with sumptuous delicacies, all under one roof. Cavalier is reputed for its hand-crafted beers using the finest of seasonal ingredients and malts that give it a unique flavorful twist.

Mamta Roy%2c Deepa Raju.JPGDeepa Raju, Jitendra and Rekha Jain, Babita and Arun Sharma was spotted at the launch party event enjoying their finely brewed beer.

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