Poem: Backyard Rainfall

By: Ranjeet Sarpal I heard rainfall In the backyard Descending on patterns of loneliness, Broken bottles, Emptied chips packets, Thrown bus tickets Abandoned puppies, Absorbing their fear of being alone , And Stirring […]

Poem: Musings

By: Samiya Javed  There is something oddly discomforting about a large group of people and their mirth, which seems to be contagious, except, I find myself untouched by it. The epidemic of […]

Poem: She

By: Aneesha Roy The thirst for life runs amok, My hungry loins call forth That bloody pulsating thrust That fills through and bursts, Deep, deep inside where no stories lie, Just darkness […]

Poem: Quickening

By: Leila A. Fortier You are the pause settling into the marrow Of my heart’s beat~ The fabric of a universe upon the Whisper of my own breath~ There is no distance between […]