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By: Dr. J. Sheeba

I heard my Foremother say
We had freedom to eat…

They said, women are kitchen spiders
Their world lies there.
She was the monarch, deciding
What nutriment could be catered
To kings at home.
“We have plenty, be silent at home.
Wings are just fans, no flights
Don’t let it get broken”
The incorporeal speaks.

I heard my mother say
We had freedom to go out to work…

They said, we have given you immunity,
Go out, earn well,
Come safe and give it.
She was said,
“Denied rights are given to you”.
Do not acquire knowledge to question,
We don’t want you bring
New lights in to the home.
They are already there.

I say, I am a warrior
I must fight battles…
To Educate and conquer silence,
To make law and to know which is right,
To challenge the world of patriarchy,
That has no gender.
To make space for women behind me
To rebuild marginalized voices
To craft my own destiny…

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