By: Carlos Delgadillo So many noises were filling the air. Screams, the shouts of soldiers, and of course, a bang! Noah jolted awake, and followed immediately with a wince as a shot […]


By: M. F. Nagel In the morningWhen the stars gather to singLook to the skyAnd seeA chariot wingedA chariotwingedSoaringSoaring star walkersStar walkersFire spitting 2. 1.FireBeyond the edge of dreamsDreamsThe edge of dreamsWhere […]

Rays of Hope

By: Sarah Fan “Hey. Hey!” Will cried, chasing after SIM as he burrowed further through the landfill of scrap metal and waste. “Look man, we can’t do this without you.”           SIM […]


By: Carlos Delgadillo The cold spray of near-freezing muck from the gutter seemed to pounce on me from my right side. Even my umbrella could not protect my gray coat. It now […]