All the people

By: Alan Berger If you try real hardYou still can not see them in the airBut they are still thereIf you try real hardYou can not hear them right thereHeyI never saidIt […]


By: Jacob Yasha Soffer You have confusedAbandonment with freedomSelf involvement with self reflectionRight to medical care with right to be entertainedPolitics with sportsCivilians with costumersYou have confusedThe world with yourself Jacob Yasha […]

Song of the Madman

By: Deogratias Kagali Thinking hit me to the coreNothing straight passes in.Trapped, in a ‘door-less’ roomRound and round, I keep goingHitting hard on its wallsBruising my body, head to toe. The only […]

‘Chess Tactics’ and other poems

By Douglas J. Lanzo Chess TacticsGambit, exchange, sacrifice,veiled subterfuge to entice,the relinquishment of position,in return for short-lived attrition;Conceiving multiple moves ahead,capricious impulse is put to bed,springing traps and double attacks,halting pawn storms […]


By Therese Gilardi             Luminous days had come to Rome. The reach of the Empire was expanding, and the conquest of Britain was well under way. A Colosseum was rising, where there […]