Through Scorched Plains

By: Bernice Groves        “Another one. You made it,” a voice says. “Tough journey?”        The boxcar rocks. A dozen shadowed bodies rock with it. Outside, the horizon lights up like winking […]

The Artist and You

By: Amy Rohrbaugh God the Artistcreated it all.He painted each leafin the beautiful fall.He shares His warmthin the bright yellow sunthat lights up the skyin the summery fun.He kisses the tulipswith colors […]


By Bennie Rosa Frank Stanley sat comfortably in his high-back wicker chair on the patio of his condo overlooking the Hackensack River. He could hear the Steins next door arguing with their […]


By: Carl “Papa” Palmer have earslistenpay attentionavailabledon’t talk backor offer opinionnever interruptlet you have your say being the wallshould be mandatorytaught in schoolat homeon TVa college classbefore marriageprerequisite for politiciansand not just […]