Our Kingdom Come

By: David Leonard Thankfully the privacy curtain blocked his daughter’s view of her hospital room’s doorway. Dave knew his wife had called her Priest, she was very active in the church and […]

My Anthony

By: Ryan Thier I was talking to my Cousin Tommy when my mother grabbed me halfway between my shoulder and neck so hard it made my Cousin Tommy laugh and me writhe, […]

To Die For

By Balu Swami Amanda was holding Brad’s hand when he breathed his last. For almost an hour before he died, he kept saying, ‘I don’t want to die’ and sobbed uncontrollably. Each […]

Call Girl

By: U.S. Khokhar The Sun removes the starry, dark blanket as a caring mother. But just as a normal kid, it takes a lot more than just uncovering to break the sweet […]