By: Jim Bates The granite ground sparklesSun beating down releasing scentsGreen lichen, brown grass, and sageDried horse manure, too. Through the polished white poplarsThe river glistens crashing over rocksThunderingMisty droplets drifting. High […]

‘Sapid’ and other poems

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg Sapid Not all strong, pleasant tastes are free of sycophantic heritage(Consider how obsequious behaviors often precede elections.)Assess, too, the number of “people’s candidates” engaged inMisanthropic, “private” deeds (until […]

The silence of the stones

By: Barbara Anna Gaiardoni the silence of the stonesfinal coldness* monkfish stewfar-out connections* water heats uppop lights* the casement windowhappy as a lark* chirps in the netmilitary drone* the sea in springchit […]

Jie Chunchang

By: Chen Ruizhe Moving house green plants by spring awake, waiting for the rain fine dust clothes.In exchange for the hair Yun Yan Mang, all ready to receive spring clothes. Lift up […]


After purchasing a piece of property on a remote island, Daniel finds the place is more than he bargained for. When the rumors of the homes dark history begin popping up, he must ask himself if his investment is worth as much as he paid…not to mention, his life.