Tag: Kousik Adhikari

Poem: Girls Know Bicycles

By: Kousik Adhikari Girls know bicycles when the sun looks green over the hilltop And the water feels devilish before turn cold, On my way home, I see several of them Riding with […]

Poem: Nowadays I Feel

By: Kousik Adhikari Nowadays I feel Accustomed with life-glorified life! Always dangling over head And yet sword’s magic shining! Moon-drops oozing on rain Sea caressing sands- Truly romance walks in ant’s legs Through […]

Poem: Poem of Water

By: Taslima Nasrin Translated by: Kousik Adhikari I have written one Unique poem of water Plucked out a lotus from water Red lotus Water-lotus. Whom to give this water-lotus This poem There was one […]

Poem: The Body

By: Taslima Nasrin Translated by: Kousik Adhikari Much have been said About farming, cards, history, And of the two swans Walking on the grassy field In neighbor’s house! Now, let’s talk about body. Let’s […]