Time Bomb

By: Amrita Valan Himadri squeezed out a cup of lemon juice. Carefully crushing two tablespoons of fennel to a fine soft powder. When the chicken had finished cooking in its own juices, […]

Am not

By: Nathan Leslie He’s that weird kid. He’s that kid who smells like moss. He’s that kid who dangles chicken necks off the dock for hours at a time. Nobody knows that […]

Seeking A Promotion

By: Edith Gallagher Boyd             After my friends left, I peeked into Sophie’s room while she lay sleeping. Megan had baked chocolate cupcakes for her and I noticed a streak of chocolate […]


By: Don Tassone      Ben had fought in a “forever war” for 20 years when the US finally pulled out.  He had passed up nearly two dozen chances to end his tour […]

The blank page

By: Moulay Cherif CHEBIHI HASSANI It rains on the sheets of the half-opened notebookLaying there before you, now useless,When inspiration, in infertile tears,pours its solitude into your heart in winter… From the […]

“A Prophecy”

By Justin Permenter There will come a last songA requiem for the passing of an ageIts melody will echo across the great gulf of timeAnd testify to the bright beginning and wretched […]