By Karen Lee Stradford The worldin a terrible state,peace, love and happiness is-lost. Like a bumpy, gravel road,life is difficult to maneuver,negative vibes are ahead. At war with ourselves,weapons are everywhereas hate […]

‘Rinse’ and other poems

By: Michael Gerard Rinse Steady handsFists pre-bloodied,Ready for the skirmishPromised by tomorrow. Trepidation calls outEagerly, contemptuously,Nibbling at the frontal lobe,Soon to be gnawing. The day comes,The room heats.Smog muddies the airas brutality […]

An Afternoon

By: Tony Walt I am doing nothingat the pool todayclouds drowsing above someone is bombing citiessomeone is screaming in trafficsomeone is stuck in a broken elevator I scratch my belly andfeel the […]