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By: G David Schwartz



I’ll Never See You Again
G David Schwartz
I’ll never see you again
Never even anymore
Not even if I go into
Our most favorite store
I no no more
Will I ever see you
An thought that does
Make me feel blew
I’m glad I know know
something thats true

He Lift Her Up
G David Schwartz
He lift her up
And bent her back
And some pain
Began to attack
Her front and back
Began to touch
But she did not complain that much

Compton Is A City
G David Schwartz
Compton is a city
Out in California
Compton is the name of a young man
(The last I hope you understand)
Compton is also the name of a College
But with all this fancy bondage
Compton is a street in Cincinnati
Were one of my favorite people be…




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