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By: Mitchell Krochmalnik Grabois

stone heart

I was drawn to all the wrong things
ego ambition callousness
Even after I understood
I refused to be enlightened

I dated women
solely as an excuse to scare them half to death
with my reckless driving
and so, in that way,
I was successful with women
and had a satisfying sex life

I joined all the dating web sites, ChristianMingle, J-Date, etc
just so I could take the worst women on dates
the fattest, ugliest
even the disfigured
and because I was young, handsome, and well-to-do
I gave them momentary hope
though they knew they were deluding themselves

I was inspired by a Russell Banks short story
in which the most beautiful man dates the ugliest woman
but then he falls in love with her
and is heartbroken

I knew that could never happen to me
I’d made the choice to be hardhearted early on
You can search the world but
you will not find
as hardhearted as me



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