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By: Josh Lisiuk

(c) Glasgow Museums; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

I am about to start
Allow the journey to depart
Please have a read of my poetical story
Its one that took place in the odyssey
Our brave Hero, Odysseus fresh from the battle of troy
A drift on a plank of wood, at mercy of the sea spots and ahoy
And with his last efforts he swims for the sandy shore
No idea of the adventure in store
Upon making it to the sandy ground
Our hero collapses with no-one around
Then awakens in a day or so,
In the presence of a goddess named calypso
For he had landed upon the isle where she reigned queen
Here beauty was unrivalled, the island pictures fertile and green,
And she took pity on the helpless man
Fed, clothed him, then made love to him as only a goddess can.
And as Odysseus’ strength returned, he longed, he desperately yearned
To return to the sea and make his way back to his family
But Calypso held him on isle in captivity
For many years, seven in fact
He couldn’t leave or detract
Our hero each day grew more depressed
The burden of being a prisoner hung on his chest
Everyday he went to the beach and prayed to Zeus above
He knew the goddess was in love
But he needed to be released
Despite the deities offer or immortality and the ambrosia feast….


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