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By: Ruth Ann Hixson


I wish I had a friend
To cry with when I’m sad.
I wish I had a friend
To laugh with when I’m glad.

A friend to be there for me
When the sunshine turns to rain.
A friend to share with me
When the sun shines once again.

Sometimes I feel so lonely
I don’t know how to bear it.
Other times I’m happy and
Need someone to share it.

Someone to tell my
Deepest troubles to.
Someone who won’t desert me
When I’m feeling blue.

We’d dance in glee
When things turn out just right.
But when things aren’t going smoothly,
Someone to hug me tight.

Are you that friend who
Will love me through thick and thin?
A friend to stay beside me
When my eyes are growing dim?

Since I have no such friend on Earth
I must search farther afield.
I hold my hand out to Jesus
And to him my heart I yield.


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