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‘A Cool Dark Place’ a debut novel by Supriya Dravid

A cool dark placeThe loss of someone dear does not mean that you’ve lost everything. There might be something hidden in the past. The present problems in the family must an outcome of the issues in the past. Here is a novel “A Cool Dark Place” that seeks to find some answers. Written by Supriya Dravid and published by Vintage Books, this has just available at Rs 450. Dravid is a former journalist who has worked both in print and broadcast media. “A Cool Dark Place” is her first novel.

I hope you would like to run through the description before you make up your mind to read the full-length novel. Here it goes:

When Zef’s father commits suicide for no apparent reason, her whole world falls apart. Whatever is left of it goes to pieces when her distraught mother lets on that the man they’re all grieving wasn’t actually Zef’s father after all. Her search for answers brings her to her mother’s childhood home, and opens up a family past of sordid secrets, of first loves lost, of unbridled sexual appetites, of childhoods dominated by fear and longing, and of a larger-than-life patriarch who will control his family at any cost. This lushly written, moving, and often shocking literary debut heralds the arrival of a startlingly unique literary voice.”

From the description, the novel is certainly attractive. However, it is up to you whether you want to grab one. Appearances are sometimes deceptive. 



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