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The Top 15 Richest Authors Of 2013

Books and moneyUnless one gets published, there are pains – a whole of lot of them. But once the first hurdles are behind, the race onto reaching the best of you, getting more name and amassing more wealth begins. Many literary artists may find it a little obscene to be in million dollar club about which I’m going talk with the Forbes’ list of the Top-Earning Authors of 2013 in mind. For them money does not matter. And it should not for an artist. But the world sometimes understands only the language of money. 

So there are authors you seem to have become larger than life with their novels which have eventually taken place on the 70mm screen. They are extremely rich today. 

My pulse is racing fast since I’ve read about the authors who are minting millions. They are no doubt like any other Hollywood or Bollywood star in their own space. Nevertheless, they are an example that one day all of us can fill our coffers only because of our pen. The power of the pen is attracting more money.

Take a look at the list of authors who are making how much money. Of course, full credit to Forbes:

1. E.L. James: $95 million

2. James Patterson: $91 million

3. Suzanne Collins: $55 million

4. Bill O’Reilly: $28 million

5. Danielle Steel: $26 million

6. Jeff Kinney: $24 million

7. Janet Evanovich: $24 million

8. Nora Roberts: $23 million

9. Dan Brown: $22 million

10. Stephen King: $20 million

11. Dean Koontz: $20 million

12. John Grisham: $18 million

13. David Baldacci: $15 million

14. Rick Riordan: $14 million

15. J.K. Rowling: $13 million

16. George R.R. Martin: $12 million


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