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Review: ‘My Journey’, another classic by Kalam from own life

My journey“My Journey” by APJ Abdul Kalam, fomer President of India, is a journey into the vintage time of India’s yore years which garners true events from Kalam’s life. The book records the transformational journey Kalam went through to emerge first of all as India’s ‘Missile Man’ and then on to becoming ’11th President of India’. It makes us believe how dreams come true and thus is enough to inspire a whole new generation of young Indians to do something above the ordinary while being born to average parents.

Born on 15 October 1931, at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam thus again succeeds in planting dreams in today’s youth through his latest flick. The non-fictional rosary of anecdotes must go into the hands of those who are demotivated and leading a life of disbelief because of their ordinary life.

Published by Rupa Publications, the book is a bouque of stories from Kalam’s life. While it can be read randomly from anywhere, the sequential read leaves us with a precise understanding of the pains, struggles, challenges which he faced and overcome. Indeed the book is a testimony that he was no different than any kid living in the wild corners of the country. Kalam rose to become India’s leading man, only because of the challenges he took at face and not because he evaded them.

“My Journey” is a powerful reminder of our school days. The golden text books which had stories of great men still close to our heart. This biographical book also does the same thing. Having read the chapters, I’ve a forceful urge to place the book among my favourite books.

Furthermore this is one of those biographies which exceeds the quality of best-written fictional works. In the end, it evokes a feeling of reading ‘more’. ‘My Journey’ is a classic work by a man who is used to executing works perfectly.


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