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By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey

Frozen space
Looks of love lurk in the shades
Of frozen cuddle
Hiding forms of elegance
Stealing aroma of bodily blossoms
Eyes float in skin’s supple waves
Rippling, rolling and beating.
The rapturous whispers of passion
Run through stifled living longing
Time fritters with silent footfalls
Loosely hanging from elevated harbour
Of splendid dreams and lonely murmurs
Sailing through noisy lanes of supple tremors.
The armour of silence seething with shudders
Looks like soft sun beams armed with arrows
Piercing the skin of a drowsy forest
Awakened by caressing chill of the dews.
Wisdom weaves mysterious forms
A face without fear,molten shapes
Relinquishing into solemn soulful song
Echoes without sound fill the gap between
Electrified subtle space ,gazing subtle forms
Where our eyes cannot see.



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