Poem: Into Your Freedom

By: Christiane Demack


I want to make you feel good
Feel safe; feel thrilled
I am all you need
I’ll stumble
Stumble honestly
So you can catch me
And let go of the façade
That freaks me out and leaves you cold;
I will hear you, and I will see you
You will be able
To feel every beat
Of my mind;
To feel me –
Tremble, and shake, and shine.

There is no ring of gold or silver
No civil church signature
No mortgage bill; no kindergarten graduation
That will bind me
To your name
And cheat me
Of your soul;

I will follow the magic
Elsewhere –
Anywhere, and everywhere.
You are free to follow
And catch
My stumbling step.

I will follow the dancing lights
The flight
Of those, who are loved;
You are free to lead me
Through the haze and the mist
And into
Your freedom.


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