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By: Rupal Rathore


(1) I’ve just started my story ,
Not knowing how it’ll end
Without a jury
To criticize its bend(s).

(2) Let’s picture a scene
Of a classroom with people, young
Forty or so, aged seventeen
Noise, squeals, laughter and songs sung.

(3) In walks a young man,
A little lean, a little tan
With a brave attempt at nonchalance
Calm disposition and balance

(4) “Carter!” somebody calls out
He responds with a steady gaze
Without a flicker of self doubt
Makes his way through the maze

(5) Paula Miller looks up from her book
A little dazed and shook
At Rhett Butler and his ways
Gone With the Wind and its days

(6) “Carter McCarthy! That’s his name!”
Whisper the girls like a game
The boy in question refuses to meet
The eyes of those next to his seat

(7) His serious expressions and stride
Could be mistaken for pride
But Paula flips her dark curls and
Turns around to extend her hand

(8) Retreats it when he fails to respond
Ducks her head and asks, “What’s wrong?”
Touched by her simplicity and innocence
Utters an apology for his ignorance

(9) It’s amazing how we
Connect with some people instantly
Maybe there are strings attached
From the past lives that matched

(10) The words flow out like a gurgling
River out of Paula smiling
Absorbed by Carter like an ocean
“Something natural”, he muses, “a beautiful notion”

(11) Paula’s eyes light up with interest
When Carter talks about his home and rest
Corn fields and a pregnant horse
Hunting rabbits, et al

(12) His crinkled eyes when he laughs aloud,
His mature ways than the people around
Subtle observations made with alert eyes
For possible danger to Paula otherwise.

(13) She who likes to take walks
Through the wilderness on damp ground
He who instructs, scolds and frowns in his talks,
On hearing crazy plans at places that surround

(14) But Carter senses the playfulness in
The eyes of the girl who would win
Every argument with him if he did not
Hold her by the wrist when they fought

(15) “How can I deny you something
If you plead so”
“Then don’t”, she tugs at his shirt, pulling
“Let’s just go”

(16) Everybody’s talking about the party tonight,
And if white pearls go with a blue dress, alright
Delicious food and some dancing
Paula and her besties (Jansie and April) were discussing

(17) Carter, in beige pants and a crisp white shirt
Enters the premises with Wilson
Spots Paula in a dress crimson
Excuses himself to go and say Hello first

(18) Stops dead in his tracks
Caught by the light that shown
Paula’s bare shoulders. He lacks
The courage to say, “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known”.

(19) “Carter!”, she bounces to him lightly,
To peck cheeks softly
“Won’t you ask me for a dance?”
“I wouldn’t miss the chance”

(20) Walking under the twinkling stars
He cannot forget the curve of her hips
Imagines what it’d be like, as he showers
To kiss those lips

(21) Next day, April, Wilson and Jansie
Cook a plan, fancy
Urge Carter to speak his heart out
To Paula out loud

(22) Sometimes we wish things
To stay the way they are
Paula did not believe in symbols and rings
To tag her state of affairs for people afar

(23) Rejection can shatter the toughest.
He who rises from pieces broken
To conquer male ego and the rest
Is immune to the superficial syllables spoken

(24) Carter felt deprived
Of something more than pride
“Was that the right way?
Does she want me to stay away?”

(25) Eight long months have passed by
Apprehension, agony and cry
Now Paula and Cater share a rhyme
That could only reap over time

(26) After a five day trip to Burnos,
Cater returned and chose
To trek in the woods with Paula
And cousins Tug and Dora

(27) Cater, usually calm and composed
Lost all sense and rose
To swing Paula off her feet
And embrace her in the heat

(28) She felt her eyes stung
With unexpected tears that flung
Onto her companion’s chin and under
Along his throat to linger

(29) After an afternoon tiresome
Of treading roots and rocks
Sat down the foursome
For lime juice, jokes and mocks

(30) The following night the two
not-yet-declared’ lovers, true
Walked under the moonlight
Along the lane, out of sight

(31) “This feels different, almost romantic”,
Says Paula, blushing
“It was always like this”,
Declares Carter in a low murmur, hushing

(32) They link hands, easy as breathing
“Now you’re comfortable admitting
What existed since the day we met.
Your heart knew but the mind didn’t accept.

(33) After this insightful introspection
Carter stops to assess her reaction
Paula stands on her tiptoes in bliss
To receive her first kiss.









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