Poem: A Disturbance

By: Dr. James G. Piatt


The burnt Willow trees
On the smoldering edge
Of the lazy torpid brook,
Bend to the wind like a
Nervous, anxious crowd
Waiting for the night train,
I watch in silence, feeling a
Disturbance in the earth,
I turn away nervously humming
a song of the past when the air was pure,
Then slowly walk away, wondering if
The earth will be here tomorrow.


Dr. Piatt is a retired professor, poet and author. Broken Publications published his poetry book, “The Silent Pond,” in 2012. His second poetry book, “Ancient Rhythms,” will be published in the fall of 2013. Over 360 of his poems have been published in over four-dozen magazines, books, and anthologies. His poem, “The Night Frog” was recently nominated for best of web 2013. His poetry books and novels are available on Amazon.

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