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By: Linda M. Crate 

not your song

the sun looks at me lovingly
peeping from beneath
white clouds,
and a bright blue sky
pushing me to move on and
some days i don’t think of you
but on days like today
you‘ve carved your oceans into
my veins, i cannot look
at black olives or green peppers without
your smile being etched across
the back of my mind
guess i should just face the music
i‘m no longer your song
maybe i never was
you just wanted my body made me think
that you cherished my intellect,
but you really didn’t
always teased me
had to be right even when you were wrong
i don’t understand why you made me
move away from my family
when you didn’t want a future with me
just a taste of my white lace
you fooled me once,
shame on you if you fool me twice so
burn in the fires of your lust
until like a dried out weed there is no life in your
you invaded my flower garden
that just gave and gave and gave until i could
give no more;
you took and took and took until there was
no more to take —
you could’ve lived without me,
but you had to spoil another flower
string my pearls of dreams into your sweet oblivion
whose ambrosia tastes more sour
than sweet when i think of it;
you are the serpent in the garden,
and i will crush you beneath my heel.


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