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By: Raymond Greiner


My name is Caleb. I am 16 years old and documenting my life thus far. I have no parents or siblings. I was scientifically created and live in a barracks facility among 100 males my age with an adjacent facility housing 100 females. We are genetically engineered. Guides outline goals centering on increasing population and reasons for this expansion. I feel compelled to record this eventful, historic time.  

It has been 200 years since global devastation ended creating present day conditions. Our expansion team is assigned to Peace School located in a central region of what was formally the United States of America. Currently this country does not exist. History dominates our curriculum designed to circumvent repetition of events nearly destroying all earthly life. Even after 200 years residue from this cycle of destruction hinders progress toward an improved world. What happened over 200 years ago was unimaginable horror.

The United States bears responsibility as the primary source of this catastrophe. This allegation is because the United States occupied the highest position of global influence during this era. Social erosion slowly developed within the country predominantly from extreme leadership inefficiency. Large industrial enterprise and banking controlled government placing welfare of the general populace in lesser positions of importance. Corruption infiltrated all levels of government leading to ruinous disorder. The United States economy fragmented enacted by greed oriented objectives to gain higher manufacturing profits by means of displacing labor forces to foreign locations, exploiting economically deprived countries offering low cost labor unavailable in the United States. This endeavor diminished American middle class tax revenue causing fiscal collapse. United States consumption fell dramatically affecting foreign enterprise and manufacturing dependent on American consumerism, resulting in severe global economic decline. Simultaneously Muslim extremists threatened war with subversive bombings, seizing opportunity to inflict further damage. United States defense systems were weakened as tax supported funding declined; although, maintaining and escalating atomic weaponry, conjecturing extremists would be held in check yielding to fear of these weapons. Then a triggering event occurred. A Muslim country developed nuclear weaponry aspiring to use these weapons against the United States. New York City was reduced to ashes. Immediately the United States began launching nuclear missiles randomly bombing Muslim countries, reacting without clear knowledge which Muslim country was responsible for the nuclear attack. This caused anti-American nuclear powers to view the United States as a wounded lion emulating jackals and hyenas pouncing on this much-hated country. North Korea destroyed the west coast entirely, and also Japan, considered a United States ally. It became a frenzy of relentless atomic attacks as the United States unleashed every missile in its arsenal. Washington DC was annihilated and United States leadership was gone. The nuclear attacks killed millions, devastation far greater than ever imagined. Only those in isolated geographic locations survived and millions more died over the next year from radioactive fallout. Nuclear winter set in and many froze to death. Populations became sterile, some living another five years developing cancer or other health failures from extreme radiation exposure. Most early deaths were from starvation, since all food production ceased, without transport. The world had never experienced such horror and despair. Chaos dominated; among the few survivors food acquisition was the highest priority, with much of the remaining food contaminated from the attacks. Clans formed in an attempt to survive but failed quickly from either killing each other or starvation. The country was almost void of human life within six years after the attacks ceased. Greater numbers died after the attacks than during the attacks. The United States became a barren landscape. The wide-ranging and frequent atomic explosions damaged the ozone producing erratic weather patterns, weakening the atmosphere allowing meteor penetration with multiple strikes occurring throughout the world. North Korea was nearly destroyed as the United States concentrated an intense final stance. Globally some areas felt less impact. However, Muslim countries were in ruin. Hunger affected the entire world; those not directly hit slowly regained order and restructuring.

Our group’s foundation was designed by an Alliance of globally surviving countries establishing a new approach to population expansion in an effort to engender higher ethical standards, seeking formation of social structure without propensity for supremacy and control, which historically provoked war and its fruition.

Teacher Benedict: “Good morning to all of you. It has been a great honor for me to serve as your teacher to this point on your journey into the future. The Alliance has worked nearly 100 years striving to arrive at this time. In early stages intense study and analysis concluded modern social design is out of” “balance with the Earth, beginning in the Fertile Crescent representing the genesis of humankind’s thirst for conquest using war as its means. Population expansion and border establishment intensified confrontational opportunities. These occurrences lead humanity to the brink of elimination.”

Scientific studies of ancient cultures reveal less dysfunction. Neanderthal tribes lived harmoniously in excess of 300,000 years. Neanderthals’ were not plagued with high population densities escalating social complexities. Hunter-gatherer cultures synchronized cohesively with Earth’s natural cycles bonding with its infinite tides of change.”

Alliance planners envision a 100 year experiment and those of you sitting in front of me today represent the beginning of this plan to discover a new, more balanced future. Until this point your curriculum centered on historical events leading to warring eras. From this point forward you will be encouraged to interact socially with goals to establish male/female partnerships. The alliance has constructed five communes spread within various geographic temperate zones using geodesic dome structures to house partners allowing space to expand to a family of four. Each commune will contain 20 residents forming an experiment toward self-sufficiency. This design replicates ancient social grouping melding with modern conveniences in limited form. One partnership in each commune will receive medical training and given adequate equipment to perform health services. During formative years you were assigned daily to work in the school’s vegetable garden learning techniques of gardening. Gardening will become your daily routine task with each household having its own garden and a larger garden” “shared by communal members. Garden yields will represent your single source of food. You will have no weapons and killing of animals is forbidden. Your scientifically created design was carefully planned establishing character profiles extracted from selective sources providing a combination of qualities. These qualities include love, compassion, intelligence and genetic non-confrontational behavior. During your communal experience you will have access to technological devices and a daily journal will be maintained communicating with the Alliance. This daily record will be assigned to one individual; however, all participants are encouraged to document thoughts conveying them to the Alliance as a means of enhancing future programs.”

During interactive events I was drawn immediately to a tall dark haired and beautiful member of the female group. Her name was Marlene and our chemistry proved ideal, a very exciting time for us both.

After our selection process we were transported to assigned commune sites. We were not given exact locations only told it was South of where we were born and trained. The average yearly temperature and rainfall were major influences selecting commune locations. Upon arrival the domes were in place with ample space for gardening and also a larger dome to serve as a common space for gatherings. Dwellings were furnished, including two computers offering opportunity to communicate with Alliance leaders and guides. Two natural springs flowed through the area and a well with a hand pump was installed. The Alliance provided a year’s supply of food while our group established self-subsistence. An array of solar panels supplied power with satellite connection relaying computer-transmitted messages to the alliance. In our communal garden we will grow hemp to be stored, accumulated and processed as material for clothing. It seemed possible to be fully self sufficient within this arrangement.

Soon all functions were in place and Marlene and I felt connected on a higher plane. It was a magnificent feeling; we harmonized in every manner, living in our space. No governmental controls were in place, and our group met often for discussions toward enhancing this opportunity.

Over time communal bonding escalated and work sharing became ingrained. Much labor was required making compost for soil enrichment; wood was cut for cooking and heat. Unity enhanced the entire undertaking.

Alliance message: “The combined opinion of Alliance members is one of great pride and appreciation for the quality effort your group is displaying. You have been given a title. You are referred to by our Alliance as ‘Pilgrims of Tranquility’. As you progress, personal gratitude will expand, enhanced by physically performed tasks revealing higher consciousness, which was largely lost within what was historically termed modern society, shunning physical tasking. Frugality attached to a physical cadence of living allows sensory capacities to permeate upper limits, allowing inward growth in concert with nature. Materialism has no place in your regimen. This experiment strives to gain knowledge regarding humankind’s ability to blend less intrusively with the Earth implementing minimal, amiable practices. Although it is premature for accurate analysis we are encouraged at this early stage of this experiment.”

Marlene’s message to the Alliance: “My partner Caleb and I have become intensely attached while adjusting to communal life. We feel fortunate and grateful to have been given this opportunity.”

In our discussions certain questions have arisen. From our historical studies previous to our communal placement it was vividly exposed how global society’s ethical standards and values slowly eroded. This erosion was not solely government infused; the collective populace was mired in dysfunction, far adrift of principles taught by our mentors and teachers. Our experimental group was scientifically created choosing selected gene banks. We were taught from our earliest memories the importance of high personal standards, emphasizing peaceful coexistence and altruism, combined with simplicity. It is apparent to the Alliance and also apparent to those of us participating in this experiment that the absence of these characteristics was largely responsible for global chaos destroying much Earthly life. Our root question is: How has this changed? It is unrealistic to imagine global populations scientifically created on a large scale, duplicating our guidance and learning. Has society made progressive adjustments toward betterment? Does anger, hate and war mentality remain? Are selfishness and greed continuing during restructuring? If so, how will our small scale, experimental lifestyles create massive change?”

We agree that our simplistic life, tending crops, embracing basic elements of life offers higher personal balance. However, studying the historic global failure period these elements were not in place, without recognition. Materialism and monetary status formed a God like presence creating ubiquitous corruption touching all levels of social activity. Cites infested with crime, poverty and social separation as the wealthy lolled in extreme comfort pressing toward gain beyond necessity and those with less were ignored and often chastised. It seems unlikely to us our experiment can alter such large scale, historic revelation.”

Alliance response: “Marlene, your points of discussion are worthy, meriting reply. Since inception the Alliance has addressed these issues, which have become an ongoing debate regarding long-term gain this experiment offers. Currently many oppose the Alliance and its goals. Our principle goal is to learn what results can be achieved from this experiment evaluating future applications based upon degree of proven worth. Social restructuring is not emulating teachings you and your fellow pioneers received. After restructuring and solid social ground again formed, repetition of dysfunctional activity of the historic, self-destructive culture regained momentum. Although, no major wars have erupted and atomic weaponry is absent. Anger-fueled, convoluted mentality has returned. Selfishness, greed and materialistic desire have reemerged. We agree it is not a feasible solution to attempt genetic engineering on a large scale, quite an impossible task, creating uncertainty regarding our path forward but we do sense headway via this communal demonstration. If the social order continues downward, again becoming destructive your group will exemplify value, as harbingers’ exhibiting peaceful, harmonious coexistence is possible offering viable option. Your success represents germination of seeds of change. The Alliance’s philosophy and purpose is presently a minority view, with limited range of acceptance, and this may ultimately cause the Alliance to fail. However, your group is nearing self-sustainability and if the Alliance is broken your commune will expand becoming a guiding light displaying how our species can rise above flaws that nearly destroyed it, seeking and finding better direction. Your group is building a foundation, a strong statement displaying options to the ongoing ‘grab bag’ of materialism. The vista is clouded at this point, but as time passes it is possible that your example of unity, compassion and self-sustainability may be just enough to tip the scale opening visionary proof that cannot be ignored. It is our hope. The looming reality is humanity must change, requiring discovery toward longevity. It cannot endure cycle after cycle of self-destructiveness.”

My name is Caleb. I am 45 years old, documenting my life thus far. I was scientifically created and have no parents or siblings. I was chosen to participate in an experiment directed at a new approach to human social development. I have a loving partner Marlene, who is the stalwart supporter of my life and equally responsible for our achievements. Our teachers and mentors were organized by an Alliance after global devastation inundated humanity offering those selected opportunity to prove peaceful, compatible life is possible, driven toward sustaining a more loving world, balancing with the Earth. The Alliance that formed us failed, caused by reemergence of dysfunction that nearly destroyed humanity. Those of us given opportunity to participate in this new design have been successful. The established partnerships grew into families and our concept of living spilled over, influencing many away from selfish, dominating philosophy developing beyond what many predicted. Without Alliance support we progressed gaining knowledge, building shelters from natural materials opening, opportunity for communal growth using patterns of our success. Even though materialistic, dominating society remains, more and more are becoming influenced by our simplistic life discovering values beyond superficial attachments. Those of us participating in the foundation of this effort are gratified. We had dubious thoughts of this occurring but encouraged by teachings during the Alliance years. The Alliance calls us “Pilgrims of Tranquility” and now we are many.

The Alliance spoke of the necessity for humanity to discover balance or perish and this wisdom is now proven worthy and moving to its future.

From Marlene’s journal: “I have been communicating with students entrapped in the old dysfunctional culture. They admire our effort but also plagued with skepticism. Some feel humanity is incapable of large-scale change embracing our model, perceiving the pursuit of dominance is an inbred human trait. Questing power over those viewed as weaker spawns from instinctual reactions of survival of the fittest. From the perspective of our philosophically induced viewpoint, displaying wealth as a means of superiority forms false perceptions of comfort graphically displayed in fiscally worshiping cultures. Within this design the most powerful are distinguished, recognized as most likely to succeed. My argument is, as with all Earthly life forms, humans adjust to environmental conditions. If cultural development manifests among superficial materialism this design becomes accepted as social norm. Through teachings by Alliance mentors our communal design offers a new direction. Dominance is absent, we have no monetary system, and wealth is not recognized in the same manner as the historically destructive culture. Our ability to work in unity, sharing subsistence efforts represents wealth. We are master gardeners; we are students of the Earth and its myriad of mannerisms. We view our fellow communal participants equally without necessity for individual power and control.”

It is encouraging to Caleb and I that so many are joining us bringing dimension to the commune’s future and structure. One young man appeared from the woods after a very long trek to locate our commune. He was carrying a guitar and serenaded us in the common area dome. This event was extraordinary since the Alliance did not recognize or teach the love and beauty of music. A former Alliance member has become our benefactor as much as he can afford. He shipped us 20 guitars and now the musician appearing in our lives is our teacher and we are gaining great joy from learning to play the guitar. It is such a wonderful feeling.”

Epilogue: The five communes established by the Alliance remain intact and flourishing. Learning has been expansive and continuing, assimilating with those seeking alternatives to historic social flaws. It’s unknown if global balance and long lasting change can become inclusive on a large scale. The communes have maintained their original direction based upon early teachings and additional residents infuse opportunities. Music opens spiritual enlightenment to the overall mission. So, the world is at a crossroad as options to the old ways have appeared and proven viable. Life in the commune is tuned to the Earth and its natural functions, adjusting to its rhythm. The Pilgrims of Tranquility have unfolded an Earth Story offering hope for humankind’s future.                                         


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