Poem: A Song Of Love Beyond

By:  Deeya Bhattacharya

Song of love

Far-flung bell-beat of wings
Flapping against the orange sky
In the sun-kissed beach of
Any sea-side city-

Reminds me of a firm and desolate
Tie with myself
My mind and soul vie
Contrary to each other-

The sparkling waves, the twinkle of your eye
Where heathen gods dwell, time immemorial

At times, it is a headpiece filled with straw
Or burning effigies of fuelling passions

The sun is the moon’s other
The other-half of you in me
Being in love with your idea of love
Pliant supple born to fantasy
As it were-

The strong waves embrace the shore
And return to cast in the deep
But whenever they come they bring
Gifts of corals and conches along, so
You are a gift divine
From knowledge beyond and supine
I have obtained from the sea
Throaty melodies of magnificent waves
Leap up at the bosom and decry
The passions lurking there, in stillness
In quietetude, red and thorough
With dullness-
Against a pounding heart

The crescent moon, at night
In any dappling sea beach
Enhances a lambent pain in me
From which escapable is almost
None, the scythe with
Its sickle shape and its starry
Fairies, suited to a child’s mind
Of wishful escapades filling my
Mind, my heart-
And I cannot part myself from you
If I am the day you are the night
Vying with each other inescapable
Flight, allow my brain to sing
A duet, to compose a symphony
Of abstract Nature and a song
Of harmony – of heart unbridled
Of heart’s agony.

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