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By: Linda M. Crate

Winter flames
i‘m sure you’ve done
this song and
dance before
because you were so
with your insincerity,
and i‘m sure
she has no idea that
you‘ve made her
the scarlet devil that i
wanted to burn
in all my
flames of rage;
but i realized she did
nothing wrong
she’s just
a victim of your lust
like i was—
you‘re a good actor
fooled me
into thinking your lust was
love, and for the longest
time i couldn’t stop
but you’re not worth it;
won’t worry myself
all your decaying roses
tangoing with your
new love i‘m
sure you’ll find another because
you‘re a lying cheat—
the pity is heaven
sculpted you
a beautiful face,
but you lost your soul somehow
along the way;
you can be
when you put your mind to
it, but all you’re
capable of
is shattering hearts—
wish i could’ve seen through
your mask,
and known that your ambrosia
wasn’t worth the price;
but my heart was
shattered before i learned that
one day you’re going to love
somebody the way
i loved you,
and she’ll burn you in winter’s flames.


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