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Lights Out

Imagine the world around you slowly blinking out, your familiar world disappearing into darkness till you begin to doubt not only the world’s existence but your own as well. In this terrifying blindness can you find the light?

This is L. Subramani’s inspiring story of triumph.

He suffers from Retinis Pigmentosa, a condition causing gradual and incurable blindness, which affects one in three hundred Indians. Lights Out shows with painful clarity the debilitating process of going blind and the agonisingly bewildering effect it had on him. In this unfamiliar and disconcerting situation he battles his disability to strive for normalcy, till he transforms his most crippling weakness into his greatest source of strength.

L. Subramani was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa when he was only fifteen and was totally blind by the age of eighteen. Despite his blindness he is an accomplished journalist, currently a senior sub-editor and reporter with Deccan Herald. He speaks fluent Japanese and is an avid quizzer. 

The book has been published by Random House India;  176 Pages; Rs. 299.



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