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Story: Cozumel and Carmen By The Concomitant Sea

By: Brian Barbeito

island cityThat sea took itself for a painting, and was different than the shores to the north. Up from there, especially in the storm season, the waters seemed to turn over more. This brought stings from jellyfish, and also made the water to look brownish, probably from the sand intermingled there. But no, in Carmen, along seven miles or so in fact, the water was turquoise and when swam in showed itself to be clear and true, boasting always of sunlight and the right temperatures. Out there, directly across, was a phantom island, appearing only as small white buildings rising up such as on a wave or a vision. Yet, it was not a vision, though everything is in the end perhaps a only that. The yellow ship ferried people to and fro all, as they say, the live long day. There was no real rub, only the requisite fare, if one was such a person that sought to go on small ships to islands across the ways. If not, a person could sit or stand and watch the world. A couple from South America came and bent over slightly with hands together, as if to say namaste, in mock gesture to someone. A man marks a tree with a small piece of chalk from his pocket. It’s a designation in order to know where to come back to sell a small amount of recreational narcotics to three of the crowd from South America. Behind stand confidently grand palace hotels equipped with choice offerings of rooms, food, and entertainment…of pools, spas, and even small shops. Beyond those are the streets where wealthy ex-patriots live and walk and retire for the night and even for life. Each house and building, each retaining wall and stucco front, are a bit different. The world is comprised of infinite worlds. Brick, wood, sea and pier. Sail, glass, peso, and lotion. Drink, water, palm, and even wind. The fecundity of existence’s way and manner. Well, the sea took itself for a painting, with different shades of blue and light green- but mostly a turquoise affair and delight. And it lived always- between Cozumel and Carmen, which sat one across from the other-as it lapped slowly and methodically on the shores of both- and witnessed day and night, sun and moon, sub-tropical pelicans, the current boats, and possibly phantom vessels long gone but imprinted somehow upon time itself.


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