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By: April Mae M. Berza 


to breathe the same air that you breathe
I share a part of me, a portion
of my existence

to feel the pulse of the clock
I must try to breathe not,
the more I gather strength
to feel, to heal, to seal
the less I am weak

time is dividing our breath,
our bread, our breed
to multiply us into one

the hands of the clock
is knitting our love story
but I am reluctant to play
my part in this tragedy.


April Mae M. Berza is a member of Poetic Genius Society. Her poems and short stories appeared in numerous publications in the US, Romania, India, Japan and the Philippines. She is nominated in 2012 International Who’s Who in Poetry. Her poems are translated in Crimean Tatar.  Her poem “E-Martial Law” is broadcast in IndoPacific Radio. She lives in Taguig, Philippines.


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