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By: Linda M. Crate

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” ~Rumi

Painted sky

So it could be said
all i know of the love comes from heaven all
the vibrant intricacies of gold, pink, crimson, blue, purple, and
midnight black; every song of white and orange
psalmed into the painter of the sky’s
Holy hand—
only from the heart can you touch the sky,
and i‘ve tasted all the love i could ever hope to know in the
breath of clouds
kissed by the dew of the celestial smile
above earth
i know all of the sadness chasmed in the bones of rain,
and all the hatred of the hail or snow screaming and wailing it’s
pain into existence;
i know that not every cloud is noble,
but i trusted in the power of your stars etched into the hymnal
of my heart—
but the sun will burn away this bitterness you cried
into the sky because the heavens are my healer
they will repent me of your sin
remember me days full of happiness staining the sunset champagne,
tell me every secret i need to get over you;
so i no longer burn in these tears
wandering in your shadow so i can finally move on
be freed of your damnation.


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