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Vishv Books launches fun reading series at the World Book Fair

On the first day of  22nd edition of New Delhi World Book Fair 2014, Vishv Books unveiled 10 new books from the series “ Read and Grow’ for promoting reading habits in young children at their exhibition Stall No. 67 in Hall No. 7D.

Mudit Mohini, Director, Vishv Books holding new series launched Read & Grow
Mudit Mohini, Director, Vishv Books holding new series launched Read & Grow

Vishv Books focusing on the theme Children Literature has introduced mini library ‘lovable library’,authors corner and lots of fun activities, games, quizzes,new concepts, designs and colors to inculcate interest and reading habits in children at Vishv Books’ World Book Fair Stall

Mudit Mohini, Director, Vishv Books, believes that library culture, which was prevalent till 1990s, is disappearing at a fast speed. What are left have zero funds to update themselves. Friendly neighborhood bookshop is disappearing due to rise in reality price. Advent of tablets have further distant the reader. They were thought to be tools to read books but are used more for gaming and social networking. So how do we expect child to read a book or to develop the love for books. Internationally library is considered important as according to them libraries provide their children with information and resources not available at home. In this book fair Vishv books will be acknowledging library and will be creating a stall into mini library ‘lovable library’ to attract book lovers and e-book lovers both.

Also Vishv Books launched the 10 new book series ‘Read and Grow’specially designed to inculcate reading habits in young children at World Book Fair, 2014.

Read and Grow Series
Beautifully illustrated, these refreshing picture books introduce young readers to a wide range of situations to learn and grow with. The stories are not only packed with   action and fun but also weave together values, civic sense, and sensitivity towards the environment, underprivileged and physically challenged.

The stories and illustrations are ethically, pedagogically and environmentally valid in a global context and prepare readers to live in a multi-cultural society and to appreciate and respect diversity.

The stories tackle universal themes, employing subliminal visual messages to nurture the young minds.

The inside front and back covers of each picture book include the Sections: Setting Up for Reading, Before Reading and After Reading.   Setting Up for Reading and Before Reading sections have reading tips and suggestive fun activities to do with children before and during reading. The After Readingsection includes questions to help hone the comprehension skills, reading skills and enhance observation skills of the readers. The questions will certainly help readers establish appropriate connections with real life and also unleash their application and analytical skills.

The Read ‘n’GROW series of books is graded into three age groups.

2-5 years-    Wordless, one word or a short sentence for budding readers
Storyline on the inside cover

5-7 Years –  Vocabulary and sentence length appropriate for beginning readers
450 to 500 words

7-9 Years-         Longer sentences and enhanced vocabulary
900+ words

List of new releases

1.     Books from Read and Grow

•       To the rescue,

•       Ari’s New Glasses- A Fight with a Germitons

•       Badal and Bijli;

•       The Nimba Tree;

•       Mangoes from Bindu;

•       The Monkey and the mobile;

•       Let’s Buy Shoes for me, grandma;

•       Brum-Brum goes the tuk –tuk;

2.     Enjoy the calm sea (pop-up book);

3.     Phonics Series

Author’s corner highlights

On 17th February, 2pm to 3pm at Hall number 12 theme topic will be “I am Unique” (book of Vishv books)touplift the self-esteem of the children and also help them accept their unique features they might be uncomfortable with.

On the same day children’s books’ Author –Ms. BinaKapoor (Fiction and academic books) will share her experience in making the series, also there will be activities, quizzes and games for children and their will be storytelling session for aged 5 to 9 years.There will be an enthralling storytelling session, games and quizzes too built around the theme I am Unique and author- signed copies will be given as awards to the winners.

On 22nd Feb, 2:00pm to 3:00pm at Hall no 12Authors -Ms. NilimaSinha, President, AWIC; Ms. Girija Rani Asthana, Vice President, AWIC and Ms. Nita Berry, EC member, AWICWill inculcate reading habits in young children and will also give tips to choose rights books for students/ children and their will be story telling session for aged 3 to 8 years.

About Vishv Book

Vishv Books has more than 1500 published titles in different categories like Children books , Fiction, Non-Fiction, Women focused, Short Stories, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and World classics.

They believe that education and values are the tools which can transform the young minds into catalysts of economic progress and social change. This belief and their invariant love for children drives us to bring out more than 300 new titles of children’s books every year.

Special Highlights

·         The Lazy Funday Sunday, a story written by Mudit Mohini and published by Vishv Books is recommended by CBSE for promoting reading Habits

·         Vishv Book got various awards for excellence in book publishing

They have a complete range of school textbooks and other curriculum supportive books for Kindergarten to Class 8. Their books are focused at activity – based learning, with adherence to guidelines laid down by the NCF. The Early Learner’s Series is a unique set of 13 books, for preschoolers. The curriculum in these books has been planned vertically and horizontally over three levels. The concepts have been woven together, and carefully bridged to the next stage of schooling. A Teacher’s Handbook and the set of Worksheets that come with these books are also one of their kind.

They have a wide variety of general books which include picture-story books, short story books, coloring books, art and craft books, model- making books, and also three-dimensional books like pop- up books, known for their designing and quality. Keeping pace with the growing and changing technology, they have done e-books for some our titles and have created applications for all kinds of tablets and mobile phones. Their books are marketed and distributed all over India as well as to the other parts of the world like South East Asia, Europe, USA, Africa and Mexico. They participate in all the major book fairs held around the world.

Their creativity and commitment to excellence allow them to become one of the leading publishers in India with books published in more than 8 languages (English and other primary languages of India).

Vishv Books is an associate company of Delhi Press Group, publishers & owners of 32 magazines in 9 languages, the group enjoys a strong reach in all regions of the country. Established in 1939 by late Mr. VishwaNath, a visionary and freedom fighter, Delhi Press debuted with The Caravan in 1940, followed by Sarita, a Hindi monthly in 1945. Thereafter, Delhi Press launched Mukta, Champak, Grihshobha, Woman’s Era, Suman.


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