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Nikhil Chandwani Launches his book Unsung Words at World Book Fair 2014

Nikhil's picNikhil Chandwani launched his poetry book Unsung Words at the World Book Fair 2014. Nikhil Chandwani’s Unsung Words is published by Omji Publishing House. It was released by Sumeet Kumar, founder of Mystic Wanderer Innovative Media.

While launching the book, Sumeet says, “Nikhil is like a family for Mystic Wanderer team. His poems and his work is commendable.”

Sharing his passion for poetry and expression of joy, Nikhil Chandwani says, “Poetry is my first love. I hide emotions between the poetic lines. Words hidden can only be felt and so the title, Unsung Words”

Unsung Words is a poetry collection that includes poems on love, relationship and emotional bonding.  The poet claims to have retold the relationship, love, hope and inspiration through a set of 55 poems in the collection. The collection thus boasts of simplicity with which the poet tries to convey his profound thoughts.

Further, the book claims an art form in which human language is used for its aesthetic qualities instead of, its notional and semantic content. It consists largely of oral or literary words that makes it easier for readers to enjoy poetry.

The book contains poems and poetic stories on teen emotions, teen romance, matured romance and separations. Nikhil’s writing style is simple yet unique, which contains hidden meanings and a lot of metaphor. The emotional phase which is often faced by many in their love life, including positive and negative emotions, has been clearly described with poetic stories and broken lines.

Nikhil Chandwani is the United Kingdom Forum Award winning poet. He was the first Indian in the past eight years to win this honour and it is the highest award for a poet writer in the entire world. He is also a Indian National Award winner in the year 2012, December. (youngest Indian to bag this honour)

Nikhil Chandwani came in the news after his announcement of writing an Official biography of Major Dhyanchand narrated by Hockey legends. The digital version of this biography will be made into a movie next year. The book is scheduled to be released next month.



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