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Essay: The Pendulum Swings

By: Raymond Greiner  


The chords of harmony are not ringing in key, as the promised changes remain pending, lacking definition and substance. Advancements in technology have escalated globally as social and economic equality continues to seek stability. Disorder and uncertainty prevails and expands.

Socialistic agendas are empowered through taxation, seeking equality through revenue distribution. Capitalistic designs encourage enterprise fusing manufacturing and distribution of goods and services. Analyzing these two social conditions reveals both worthy. The capitalist is hindered if the culture is plagued with discord weakening social middle class and the socialist is hindered without tax revenue generated from profit-oriented enterprise. Tax revenue, applied, as a means of economic growth is false logic. An enterprise-based culture, generating tax revenue, managed fairly and equitably, opens opportunity for social cohesion as relevance of separate ideologies temper unifying goals.

In nature there are no tax funded social programs or capitalistic profits; yet, harmony prevails. Wildflowers bloom peacefully displaying color and beauty among predatory influences. Early humanity blended with Earth’s consciousness, embracing challenges of survival, discovering symmetry, habituating within nature’s aggregate, adjusting and finding solutions without capitalistic or socialistic principles in place.

We listen to our leadership as they deliver their plan for utopia, always just beyond the horizon, fabricating agendas preying on voter insecurity. These idealistic proposals somehow dissipate after election. Would they be elected if truthful, forthright lexicon were presented during election campaigns?

Modern culture has moved away from its harmony with the Earth, seeking manufactured comforts and ease of function. Our culture can benefit from stepping away from the imaginary world of government programs, and the fantasy that politically driven miracles will somehow make all our problems go away. Inner discovery of our personal, spiritual energies awakens security and fulfillment exceeding “Big Brother’s” offerings. Governments are largely controlled by the influence of the wealthy, directed toward their particular wants and needs. A new course toward individual spirituality manifests self-sufficiency, discovering higher self worth, yielding multi-dimensional enlightenment, delivering intangible rewards. Plant a garden; feel the joy of growing your own food, seek gratification in self-awareness, embrace healthy lifestyle choices, consume less on all levels. Re-connecting to earthly functions displays true wealth, savoring simplistic values, revealing rewards beyond superficial, shallow endeavors created by materialistic goals and unrealistic characterizations. Move away from the nation of sheep mentality.

Changes will come by choice or circumstance. A walk in the woods shines a beacon of hope not found in a world of gadgets and devices. The pendulum swings.



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