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Story: The Library’s On Fire

By: Reese Scott


He was surprised by the people that came to his funeral. It didn’t make sense to him. He hadnt spoken to anyone in some time and here they were. Since he had been dead, Jimmy had not been depressed or feeling the familiar wave of fear running through his body. In fact, since he had been dead, he was finally sleeping again. He finally realized that his inability to sleep was part of the reason he was so depressed. One of the pluses of being dead.

At the same time, he still had a sharp pain somewhere in his body. The pain would change into another form of pain, until it would finally disappear into a nice, quiet, peaceful feeling.

Jimmy looked around the church. He was surprised that he didnt feel uncomfortable. He had never liked churches. Jimmy walked outside for a cigarette. It was nice now that he could legally steal cigarettes. One of the pluses of being dead. That and living anywhere you want, having the best stereo, HD Projector, all the cable channels, computers for each room. And he loved the fact that no one was in love when they’re dead. Everyone was equal.

He had asked the Old Man about that. Jimmy was curious as to why love was not allowed. The Old Man told him love was allowed.

Then why is no one in love?

Because its quieter like this. And it needs to be quiet.


Because it was too loud before. We cant have people dying twice.
What do you mean?
Nobody told you?”
Really. Well before…”
When was this?

Some time ago.

When is that?
Do you know what time it is?


There isnt a clock.

May I continue?
Of course. Sorry.

When no one is in love no one needs to be sorry.

How do you feel right now?
Does it matter why?


You see sometimes the things that make the difference are not different at all. My stomach hurts will you excuse me?

The End



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