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By: Miss Jenny

road accident

Honey, fetch all my shirts from mom”, said dad packing up his things. “Dad I don’t want you to go. Please stay with me. I need your support. Please don’t go abroad. Run your business here. Please listen to my words. Mom, persuade dad to be with us” said his son. “Ishan, try to understand. It’s just for five years and then I’ll stay with you forever. I too can’t stay away from you for a long time”. “Meera, I know you are here for him and you know it’s all for our aim to make him a doctor. Being his parents it’s our duty to support him. So I must work hard in abroad to fulfil his aim. If he seems to be dull really I can’t go”. “Mahib, you don’t worry. I will convince him. Ishan, be a good boy and say cheerio to dad”. “Hmm, anyway, dad today the annual day celebration is going to be held. I have participated in a cultural event. I wish you to come and see my performance”. “Yeah my dear! Surely I’ll come and see all your programs and then I’ll board the flight. After packing all his baggage, they had their lunch together, and then at evening the family went for the Annual day celebrations. Mr. Mahib admired all his son’s programmes. Ishan asked his dad,“How was my performance?” “Ya, it was awesome! I feel proud of you my boy. Surely you will chase your dream and make it come true”. They went to the Airport. Mr. Mahib stepped in but he couldn’t. So he came, kissed and hugged his son and then he got in to the flight. His son and wife bade good bye with tears in the eyes.

Years passed by. As per his wish, Ishan had joined the medical college. He was an outstanding student in the college. Mr.Mahib was longing to see his family. So he returned to his home town without informing his family because he wanted to give them a surprise visit. He safely landed from the flight. Then he hired a taxi to reach his home. On the way to his house he was thinking how his family members would react on seeing him. He was very eager to know their reaction. He bought the most favourite things for his son and wife. Suddenly he met with an accident. He tried to save himself to see his son and wife but unfortunately he closed his eyes and breathed his last. In the mean time, all his baggage and passport were lost. So the passers-by did not know where he was from and where he was going. So his family didn’t know what happened to him.

After a few months Ishan attended an examination on Anatomy. He went into the exam hall where many cadavers were kept. Suddenly his eyes captured the sight of the cadaver he had to perform dissection on. No sooner did he see the face than he fainted. No one knew the reason. He was trying to speak but words choked him. Tears rolled down his cheeks. At last, he cast a strange look at the body and stuttered “DADDY”……………….


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