Poem: The Nocturnal Birds and Me

By: Kousik Adhikari


Generally the nocturnal birds begin their journey at this time
When there is darkness at night,
Nowadays I dedicate
Some of my hours to watch them
Sitting peacefully on my open rooftop,
In the ancient easy chair of my forefathers
Used for dozing after the lunch.
But I use it for activities
Tracing the slightest movements of them
In the banyan tree nearby,
Placed itself leisurely from the ancient times,
Home for the birds.
My wife uses to rebuke me
‘Nights are for them.’
I acknowledge what she has to say,
Nights are homes where darkness resides
With plenty of peace,
But I am not a trespasser
In this omnipotent universe of dear dark nights.
Nowadays I gather this knowledge
As they begin to wake me up
With their slight movements
Whenever I showed a little trace of dozing.
Nocturnal civilized birds of nights
Begin to dedicate some of my hours
To watch me when there is darkness in night.


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