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Release: Thriller Novel ‘Maya’

?????Recently launched book “Maya” by a debut author Satishsrinivas is a psychological thriller, about the mysterious life of an innocent girl named Akshara who has wandered away from her kingdom. Some greedy people for their own selfish reasons play with her emotions which affects her and others around her. A strange woman is calling her Maya and a group of people want to reach an unknown dangerous destiny through the innocent girl. Maya is a suspense thriller with an ending that will leave you stunned!

The author Satishsrinivas has been fascinated with film making since childhood and has grown up watching science fiction, fantasy and drama based films. He began experimenting with film making while working as a financial analyst with an IB company. This book is his way of sharing what goes on in his imagination and a stepping stone to making his very own feature film. The author is sure that the readers will love this book and it will definitely leave a lasting impression on your mind.

‘Maya’ has been published by  based out of Mumbai. is an author focused publishing services brand of Wordit Content Design Editing Services Pvt. Ltd. It supports writing talent with an array of publishing services such as editing, design, pre-press, printing, global book distribution & marketing. Beyond publishing services, it also provides skill enhancement services via its Writing Workshops. It runs a premium Literary Magazine – ‘The Orange Frame Literary Review’ which connects short format writing (essays, short stories & poetry) to readers worldwide.


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