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By: N. B. Yomi

Red unicorn

After school during soccer practice, a slender girl with short blonde hair that went down to her shoulders practiced with her team for until 7p.m., before she went to the locker room to change. After she changed in her light blue short-sleeved t-shirt and black jeans, she closed her locker door, and packed up her belongings. She followed her cheerleading squad. They made it to the campus, before she took the bus to her home. Once she got home, the girl was greeted by her mother, a middle aged woman with long blonde hair.

“Hello Rebecca, how was school?” She asked.

“It was fun, I’mma need to finish up the homework I didn’t get done during practice though.” Rebecca replied, as she approached her mother.

She made her way into her bedroom and found a locket on her bed. Rebecca gazed at the locket curious as to where it came from. Not wanting to be distracted, Rebecca put the locket into her pocket, and walked over to the desk across from her bed, and began working on what remained of her assignments. During the remaining three assignments Rebecca worked on in her bedroom, her mother brought her a sandwich and some chips for dinner. After Rebecca finished her meal, and homework, she got ready for bed when she felt a warm sensation radiate from her pocket. She removed the locket, as it glowed, before she heard movement from behind. Rebecca hid the locket under her covers in hopes that if the movement was her mother that she wouldn’t see it. Once the sound of movement ceased, Rebecca removed the locket, gazing at it wondering why it was glowing. Content on ignoring it, Rebecca placed the locket under her pillow and rested for the night.

Meanwhile in another world, in a week prior to Rebecca’s discovery, a red, four foot tall unicorn with a navy blue mane and tail, was partaking in target practice, as she fired beams at five stationary targets. After she successfully destroyed the targets, a yellow male unicorn dressed in a white robe and mage hat, created five mobile targets that moved in a fast paced zigzagging patterns. The unicorn shot at each one the moment a target would come within range, as she missed all five. She tried the same tactic again and yielded the same result. The unicorn then stomped her front right hoof, before she shot a huge beam that destroyed the targets, as the yellow unicorn immediately raised a shield to protect the walls and students of his classroom.

“Just firing the moment you think you have a target in your sight is not very effective Clarissa. You need to be patient and feel out the right moment to strike. Now try again.” The yellow unicorn instructed, as he summoned five more mobile targets.

Clarissa breathed heavily, as she glared at the moving targets. As she continued to watch them, her breathing grew lighter, as she channeled energy into her horn., and a confident smile came across her face. She them unleashed five beams of energy one by one as she managed to strike each target.

“I did it!” Clarissa exclaimed.

The week continued, as Clarissa learned various other skills such as teleportation, levitation, how to increase the strength of her aura. Her peers were in awe of the level of dedication she put into each task, as she soaked up their admiration.

At the beginning of the next week, a blue male Alicorn wearing a crown and a white collar sat at his throne, as he was greeted by a white female alicorn who wore a crown. The two made their way from the throne room, as they were greeted by an entourage of twelve alicorn guards. The guards escorted them from their castle, as they walked below a bustling sky filled with alicorns. As the two enjoyed the sight of a flourishing kingdom, they made their way to a cafe where they ate breakfast much to the surprise of the cafe owners. As the king and queen enjoyed their time together, a dark cloud began to form over the kingdom. They gazed up at the sky with an uneasy feeling in their guts, before winged creatures that varied in having grey, blue, green, and brown skin rained from the sky. The alicorns fled, as the soldiers flew from the castle to engage these invaders. The king and queen watched, as a creature with the head of a chicken, and body of a winged green dragon descended amidst the horde. He flew around, turning the soldiers to stone, before they crashed into the ground. The creature then began turning all of the denizens to stone, as a forty foot tall black dragon descended from the sky, as she unveiled the same skill, as the chicken headed creature on the soldiers who engaged her.
“Jezebel has returned?” The king asked.

“That seems to be the case Brave-wing.” The queen replied, as the dragon flew in their direction.

“Ah, King Brave-wing and Queen Valerie, it’s been a while.” Jezebel said, as she landed in front of them.

“We should have known you’d find your way back here, I suppose you want revenge?” Valerie asked.

“Exactly.” Jezebel replied, before she shot a blaze of fire at the two alicorns, who were shielded by their twelve guards.

The royal alicorns fled with half of their entourage following behind them, as the other half stayed behind, and engaged Jezebel, as they shielded themselves from her gaze. The royal alicorns made their way to their castle, before they made their way into a bunker where six colored gems were encased in a ring.

“How are we to use The Elements Of Valor with our forces turned to stone?” One of the guards asked.

“Brave-wing and I came across a portal that lead to another world called Earth. If we can find six new wielders of the elements, they should find six being over on earth that will help them utilize the elements powers.” Valerie explained.

Brave-wing and Valerie enchanted with holograms of them instructing the destined wielders on how to use the elements, and where to find the portal to earth, before the sent the elements away from the chamber.

On at the middle of the second week, on the day Rebecca had found the locket, Clarissa was fleeing from ten grey skinned trolls through a forest, as she wore a golden necklace with a heart sharped ruby in the center. Alright, now what was that phrase again? Clarissa wondered, as she kept running.

“Oh yeah!” Clarissa exclaimed, before she slid to a stop, and she directed her attention to them.

“Calt On Mysto!” Clarissa exclaimed, as the gem on her necklace glowed, and black armor appeared on her body, a black helmet on her head, and boots on her feet.

Clarissa shot at the trolls, as three bursted into clouds of smoke, before she ran away from the remaining seven trolls. As Clarissa kept running, she summoned electricity from her horn and struck down three more of the trolls, as they turned to dust. Clarissa made her way to a pond, before she slid to a stop on the shoreline of the pond. She looked back, as the remaining four trolls, before her armor disappeared, while she took a deep breath, and leaped into the pond.

The next morning, Rebecca got ready for school, and decided to keep the locket in case anything should happen. During lunch Rebecca sat with five other girls, as she showed them the locket.

“Where and when did you get that?” The first girl asked, as she and the other four marveled at the locket.

“I found it on my bed last night. But I don’t know where it came from.” Rebecca replied, as she gazed at it, expecting it to glow again.
“Do you think your mother got it for you as a gift?” The second girl asked.

This question caused Rebecca to smack her forehead with the palm of her right hand, as she suddenly figured that she could have asked her mother about the locket. After school, before she headed to soccer practice, Rebecca sat in an empty classroom, as she tried to open the locket with her hands. When that failed, she took out her ruler, and force the locket open, before it glowed again, startling her in the process. When she arrived home, she went to her mother and showed her the locket. Rebecca’s mother examined the locket perplexed by it.

“Where did you find it?” She asked.

“On my bed, but I don’t know how it got there.” Rebecca replied.

Meanwhile in a wooded area near the town where Rebecca lived a rift opened, as Clarissa leaped through, as she was followed by a group of four grey skinned trolls who wielded swords who rode on black boars with red glaring eyes. Clarissa turned her attention to her pursuers, and fired a red beam of light from her horn, as she knocked one of the trolls off his steed. She then fired at the other three trolls, knocking them off their boars, before she turned about and ran from the boars. After the trolls recovered, they pursued their steeds and Clarissa who lead them to the end of the woods. They entered the city, as Clarissa ran into oncoming traffic of a busy street, as she weaved through the oncoming cars in hopes of losing her pursuers. The swerving cars created a blockade, as the trolls managed to reunite with their steeds, before the boars leaped over the blockade, and pursued the unicorn. As Clarissa continued running from the trolls, her necklace began to glow, as an aura radiated around her body. She felt a strange sensation flow through her, as her galloping carried a greater degree of force. She turned her attention to the oncoming trolls, as she planting of her hooves cracked the ground, and the aura flared around her body. She channeled this power into her horn, and fired it at the trolls, destroying one as the others did their best to guard themselves with shields, but were knocked back by the force of the beam. Feeling exhausted, Clarissa pushed on to get away from her pursuers, as her necklace continued to glow.
Rebecca sat at her desk, as she gazed at the locket, before it glowed once more. The locket yanked itself from Rebecca’s hand, before it landed at the base of her neck, and manifested a necklace. Rebecca tried to remove the necklace, before and aura surrounded her body, and levitated her towards her bedroom door. She covered herself, before the door opened, and she flew down the hallway, and to the entrance of her house. The door opened, and closed behind Rebecca, as she flew from her house, and in the direction of Clarissa. Rebecca gazed at the speeding ground below her as her heart raised while she saw cars past by below her. Rebecca came to a sudden halt in the middle of the road, before she landed in front of the unicorn who was running towards her. When Clarissa saw Rebecca, she slid to a halt, and sat in front of her.

“Are you… My… rider…?” Clarissa asked, as she was catching her breath.

“Your rider?” Rebecca asked with a perplexed expression on her face.

“Yes I’m a Mystic Pony in search of her rider.” Clarissa replied, before the trolls and their steeds appeared behind her, and charged.

Clarissa hoisted Rebecca onto her back, as she ran forward. The unicorn’s steps began to get slower, as she continued to run. She then halted completely, before collapsing, as Rebecca rolled off of her back. Rebecca stood up, and faced the oncoming trolls. The trolls halted in front of Rebecca and the unicorn, as she stood trembling.

“So, this is the Mystic Rider?” The first troll laughed.

“I don’t see why we went through all that trouble chasing that foal when her rider is so pathetic.” The second troll laughed.
“Now step aside girl, we just want to destroy the unicorn behind you.” The third troll said, as she stepped forward.
Rebecca glanced back at the exhausted unicorn, who was taking deep breaths. Rebecca saw how helpless the unicorn looked, before she clenched her fists, and turned her attention to the trolls.

“You’ll have to get past me first.” She declared, as she stood firm.

The trolls laughed at Rebecca’s declaration, as she charged forward, and landed a swift kick to the head of the first troll. The force of her kick knocked the troll off his steed, as he landed on his back, and slid on the ground. Rebecca stood shocked by her feat, before she tried to maintain her composure, and regained her stance. Angered by this, the troll stood up, and glared at Rebecca who retained her firm stance. The other two trolls charged towards her, before the second swung his club, as Rebecca ducked to evade it. She scampered back from the third troll who flailed his club, before the second appeared behind her, and swung, as she rolled out of the way causing the troll to strike his comrade in the face. The two turned their attention to Rebecca, and charged towards her, before she kicked the second troll in the face, before she turned her attention to the third, and knocked him to the ground with a kick to the face.

“You whelp, how is it that you’re able to do this to us?” The third troll asked, as he glared at Rebecca.

“I’m a soccer player, so I know how to kick.” Rebecca replied with a sly grin.

The trolls charged again, as Rebecca leaped into the air, causing the two to ram into each other. Rebecca marveled at the fact that she ascended twenty feet into the air, before she looked down, and saw that the first troll had made his way over to the unicorn. Rebecca dived towards the troll, and crashed into him from behind with a kick. Rebecca then lifted the troll from the ground by his back, before she hurled him, as his comrades. Marveled at the feat she had just accomplished, Rebecca gazed at her hands, as she noticed a glowing aura around her arms, before glance at the rest of her body, and noticed she was engulfed int the aura. The unicorn stood up behind Rebecca, as the aura radiated around her as well.

“Calt on Mysto…” The unicorn muttered, before she and Rebecca were engulfed in a flash of light.

A red armor appeared on her torso and arms, along with red knee high boots with a black dress with red slabs of armor on her hips, and black knee long skirt. She turned her attention to the unicorn who had donned a black helmet, torso armor, and armored boots. Rebecca hopped onto the unicorn’s back, before they charged towards trolls. A sword appeared in Rebecca’s left hand, before she swung at the trolls, as she clashed with the first troll in the middle. They slid on opposite ends. Rebecca leaped off of the unicorn’s back and stood firm with the sword in her hands. The troll charged towards the two, before Rebecca’s sword glowed, and she swung it cleaving the first troll in half. He then vanished in a cloud of smoke, before the unicorn zapped his boar, causing it to vanish as well. Rebecca and unicorn stood together in the middle of the circling trolls, before they charged at opposite ends. Rebecca struck the second troll with a jab, as she landed on the boar’s back, before she leaped toward the last troll and slashed him in two. Rebecca landed next to the unicorn, who zapped the two boars who vanished in a puff off smoke.

“Okay, what was that all about?” Rebecca asked, as her outfit vanished, revealing her original clothes.

“My name is Clarissa, and I was chosen by King Brave-Wing and Queen Valerie to help them defeat an evil witch named Jezebel.” Clarissa said.

“Um, what?” Rebecca asked.

Clarissa sighed, before she channeled energy into her horn, before she created a magical projection that appeared in front of Rebecca, as she watched the images that played before her. A blue king alicorn, and a white queen stood before a crowd of pegasi, earth ponies, and unicorns sat before them, while the crowds, king and queen were circled by alicorns. The alicorns existed as soldiers and guards of the King and Queen, as they resided in a white emerald kingdom, as a golden kingdom, a kingdom that resided in the clouds, a small town outside of the golden kingdom, and several other kingdoms and towns reside all over the world.
The king and queen looked over the horizon, as these establishments grew, and a grey alicorn stood next to them.

“Isn’t it marvelous King Brave-Wing and Queen Valerie? Fantasia is growing into an array of empires and cities that will soon flourish with means for pony-kind to live in comfort.” The alicorn said, as the king and queen with a smile.

Once the kingdoms were established, various breed enrolled in schools as fillies and colts, before they took on various tasks in their society such as: construction, soldier, fashion designer, stage performers, and explorers. BraveWing and Valerie are shown looking over their empire, before a black cloud formed over their kingdom. They gazed at the sky, as winged humanoid beasts, dragons, and and various array of monsters rained from the sky. The alicorn army charged towards the opposing forces, as streams of energy and blazes of fire light the dark sky. Brave-Wing and Valerie watched as this battle raged one, before they spotted a forty foot long black dragon with red eyes, flying towards them. The dragon landed before them, paying no mind to the conflict behind her.

“Who are you, and what do you want?” Brave-Wing asked, as he stood firm.

“My name is Jezebel. I want your kingdom, and every land you’ve decided to claim. They just seem like such nice places to rule over.” She replied.

“And why would you want that when we can just coexist?” Valerie asked.

“Because I was born to rule!” Jezebel replied, she took a deep breath.

The dragon spat out a huge blaze of fire, as Brave Wing and Valerie leaped in the air to evade it. They flew into the sky, as the Jezebel pursued them, before they turned their attention to her, and fired beams that struck her in the face and knocked her back. Jezebel recovered, before she darted towards them again. They fired at her again, as she retaliated with a blaze of fire. The tension of the attacks increased, the growing energy bubble bursted and knocked both opposing sides back from each other. Brave-Wing and Valerie recovered, before they found themselves bound by by coils of glowing fabric.

“Dragons are able to harness other forms of magic. And now that I have you. This kingdom will be mine!” Jezebel said, as she began to pull them towards her.

Auras began to radiate around Brave-wing and Valerie’s bodies, before they grew and broke the two alicorns free of their binds. The two alicorns charged towards Jezebel, and crashed into her as they plummeted towards the white emerald castle. They smashed Jezebel through three floors of the castle, before they bursted through the back wall, and slammed into the concrete ground of the courtyard. Brave wing and Valerie ascended into the air, as six fragments of stone orbited their bodies. jezebel arose to her feet, and glared at the two, before her expression changed to one of surprise. The six fragments were transformed into a white, red, pink, blue, green, and violet diamond shaped gems, as they continued to orbit around the king and queen alicorn.

“What are those?” Jezebel asked, as anxiety ran through her body.

“We have forged six gems that contains six elements of virtue:”Valor, Passion, Compassion, Faith, Will, and Charity. With these elements, we’ll drive you and your army out of our kingdom!” Brave-wing and Valerie said in unison.

“You’ve channeled the emotional energies of those elements into those stones and transformed them into power gems.” Jezebel muttered, as the two alicorns nodded.

The red, pink, blue, green, and violet gems flew off and attached themselves to five other alicorns, who then descended to their king and queen’s sides, as the rest of the alicorn army followed them with Jezebel’s army in pursuit. The seven alicorns stood drawing the harmonious energies from their army, before they released the energy in a bubble that expelled Jezebel and her forces out of the kingdom, and rid the sky of the dark cloud.

After the battle had been won, Brave-wing and Valerie stored the elements of virtue in a chamber underneath the castle, as they set out to enjoy a peaceful reign.

“That was one-thousand years ago, as Jezebel has returned, and with alicorn army turned to stone thus Brave-wing and Valerie sent out the elements to six chosen wielders. They were then sent to find six riders to help them wield the elements. And I wield the element of Passion.” Clarissa explained.

“And you want me to help you defeat this dragon Jezebel?” Rebecca asked, as Clarissa nodded in response.

“But I don’t know how to use any magic, I was only able to do all of that because I wanted to help you.” Rebecca said.

“Then I’ll have to train you on how to use your newly acquired magical powers.” Clarissa replied.

Rebecca lead Clarissa back to her house, as she tried to figure out on the how to explain Clarissa to her mother. She turned her attention to Clarissa with an uncertain expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Clarissa asked.

“Well I’m not sure how I can explain this to my mother, nor do I know how she’ll take it.” Rebecca replied.

“Why don’t you leave the explanation to me then? After all I’m the evidence to your story.” Clarissa suggested.

Rebecca sighed, as continued to lead Clarissa to her home. When they arrived Rebecca unlocked and opened the door and guided Clarissa inside. They walked through the living room, and made their way to the bedroom near the back of the house, after Rebecca peaked in the the kitchen and saw that her mother wasn’t there. When she arrived to where two doors with the first in front of her and second one on her right. Rebecca knocked on the door in front of her four times, before her mother answered, by opening the door.

“Oh Rebecca, welcome home.” Her mother said with a smile.

“Um mother, there’s something I want to show you.” Rebecca said, before she stepped aside and revealed Clarissa standing before her.

“A unicorn? Rebecca how on earth did you even find such a thing? Is it even real?” Her mother asked, as she approached Clarissa, and reached out to touch her face.

“Yes ma’am, I am quite real.” Clarissa replied, as Rebecca’s mother flenched from being startled by Clarissa’s words.

“It– She can talk?” Rebecca’s mother asked in bewilderment, as Clarissa nodded in response.

Clarissa shared the same projection to Rebecca’s mother who watched the events unfold before her. She even saw how Jezebel trapped Brave Wing and Valerie’s army in stone leaving them desperate, as they fled to earth with five other alicorns to find six humans able to aid them on their mission to save fantasia. As Rebecca’s mother saw the events and their outcome explained to her, she began to feel anxious about what may become of her daughter. After all Rebecca was a sixteen year old girl who was in high school and played soccer, she as far as her mother knew was no warrior meant to save a world.

“So when would Rebecca have to travel with you to your home to fight this dragon queen?” Rebecca’s mother asked, after Clarissa ended the presentation.

“After I’ve taught her how to wield her powers properly.” Clarissa replied, as she glanced at Rebecca.

“This will take a while won’t it?” Rebecca asked, as Clarissa nodded in response.

Rebecca sighed, as she lead Clarissa back to the leaving room, where the back wall was a sliding door that lead to a backyard. Clarissa examined her surroundings, before she sat in the field of grass. The following saturday Clarissa began to train Rebecca in how to harness and use her powers.

“In order to manifest your abilities from your locket you have to say the phrase

‘Calt on mysto.” Clarissa explained.

“Calt on mysto.” Rebecca repeated, as she struck a pose with her legs spread out, and her left arm crossed over her chest.

Her amulet glowed, before armored outfit replaced her regular clothes, before she struck another pose with her left arm at her side, her right fist in the air while her legs remained spread apart.

“Soldier Of Passion:Rebecca!” Rebecca declared, as she maintained her pose.

“What are you doing?” Clarissa asked with a perplexed expression on her face.

“Sorry, I tend to watch a lot of superhero cartoons.” Rebecca replied, as she rubbed the back of her head.

Clarissa taught Rebecca how to use her magical abilities, as they kept blowing up in her face. Clarissa sighed, before she kept training Rebecca as she slowly gained a hold of her powers, as she was able to manifest orbs of light in her hands. She also started get a handle on levitating, as she was able to stay in the air for thirty seconds. She tried three more times, before she fell on her bottom. Rebecca dusted herself off, before she headed inside to rest. The following day after school, Rebecca continued her training with Clarissa as she slowly gained a hold on her powers. A week in to her training, there came a point where Rebecca became exhausted, and fell to her knees, before she gazed at her hands.

“Why can’t I get a hold on these powers?” Rebecca asked, as she clinched her fists.

Energy shot into Rebecca hands, before she slammed them into the ground, and created a slight shockwave. Shocked by what she accomplished, Rebecca gazed at her hands, before she clenched her fists. Rebecca aimed her right arm to the right and shot a beam to the right. Rebecca then shot a beam to the left, before she had only her index fingers extended, and fired bullet sized balls of energy from her finger tips. After she fired off teen shots, she blew off her finger tips, before she lowered her hands. After Rebecca’s display, she turned her attention to a surprised Clarissa.

“What’s wrong?” Rebecca asked.

“Your passion went from being fueled by rage to being fueled by joy.” Clarissa replied.

“Well after I figured out what I was doing, I was having fun with it.” Rebecca replied, as her hands radiated with energy.

“Can you do that again?” Clarissa asked.

“I think so.” Rebecca replied, before she put her hands upward, and fired a beam into the sky.

“Now see if you can levitate.” Clarissa suggested.

Rebecca nodded, before she tried to use her energy to lift her from the ground. Focusing on the joy of ascending in her abilities, she began to hover into the air. Feeling a greater confidence in her abilities, Rebecca soared through the air. Clarissa channeled an aura around her body, before she hovered into the air while she followed Rebecca through the sky. They made their way back to Rebecca’s backyard, before Rebecca gleefully skipped inside the house. The next day Clarissa trained Rebecca on how to manifest her sword. Rebecca manifested her weapon, before she swung it upward, downward, then left and right, before she thrust forward. After Rebecca swung her sword three time, before she twirled it and stabbed it into the ground.

The following saturday, Rebecca invited her friends over to her house, because he wanted to show Clarissa to her friends. When they arrived, Rebecca lead them to her backyard where Clarissa stood. Rebecca’s friends marveled at Clarissa, as their faces were lit up with beaming smiles.

“Is she real?” Rebecca’s first friend asked, as she reached out to pet Clarissa.

She then drew her hand back in surprise after she felt Clarissa’s silky fur.

“Yes I’m real, and I’ve been training Rebecca on how to use her magical abilities.” Clarissa replied.

“Are you from earth?” Rebecca’s second friend asked, as Clarissa shook her head.

Clarissa showed them what Fantasia looked like as Rebecca’s friends marveled at the ponies, and various mythical creatures that lived in Fantasia. After Clarissa’s explanation, She gave each of Rebecca’s friends a ride on her back, as she would trot in a circle twice for each friend. As Rebecca’s friends spent time with Clarissa, she told them about how she attended a magic academy, and strived to increase her skills, before she was chosen by the element of passion. She even told them about her five friends that she met five other ponies through the other five elements. Clarissa kept telling her story, before she paused and her ears perked up.
“What’s wrong?” Rebecca asked.

“I sense something…” Clarissa replied.

They looked up, and saw black skinned creatures dived from the sky. The creatures charged towards Rebecca and her friends, before Clarissa raised a barrier to protect them, as the marring, and jabs were repelled by the barrier. Rebecca took the opportunity to transform, as her friends looked on in awe. Rebecca conjured her sword as she stepped in front of Clarissa.
“Clarissa, take care of my friends, I’ll drive these guys away.” Rebecca said, before She leaped through a hole in the barrier Clarissa created.

Rebecca slashed at ten of the creatures, as four of them turned to dust, before she was tackled by the remaining seven. After they crashed into the ground, Rebecca stood up walked forward. The creatures stood up and charged towards Rebecca. She channeled energy into her blade, before she swung her blade, and incinerated a group of the creatures in front of her. Clarissa looked on as Rebecca fell to her knees, before Clarissa lead Rebecca’s friends into the house and encased it in an energy bubble. Clarissa dashed to Rebecca’s aid, as she was being tossed, and knocked about by the monsters. Clarissa conjured a sword, as she cleaved her way through the creatures, before she made her way to Rebecca’s side. Clarissa then took Rebecca onto her back and ran off, as the forces followed them. Rebecca came to, as she felt her strength return, while a warm aura surrounded her body. She looked down saw the ground move beneath her.

“What’s going on? What happened to my mother and my friends?” Rebecca asked, as she positioned herself to sit upright on Clarissa’s back.

“Your friends and mother are fine. I placed a barrier over your home to protect them from our adversaries. I then sought to lead our foes away from them since we’re the ones they’re after.” Clarissa replied, as they neared the outskirts of the city.

Clarissa ran into the city, as they saw a cloud smoke with winged brown skinned creatures flying towards them. Rebecca looked back and saw the small fleet following her. Once they halted in the middle of the town Rebecca and Clarissa found themselves surround, before Rebecca leaped off of Clarissa’s back, and stood ready to engage their enemies. Rebecca conjured her sword and charged towards the oncoming horde. She swung her blade twelve times, as she slew twelve of the monsters. Clarissa conjured a blade, as she followed Rebecca, before they continued to lay waste to the monsters that lunged at them.

The cloud of smoke dissipated as a humanoid figure with green skin, dressed in grey armor stepped forward, as the remaining creatures kneeled before him.

“Who is that?” Rebecca asked.

“I am Xandas, and I am a general of Jezebel.” The creature replied.

“And you’re a…goblin?” Rebecca asked, as Xandas nodded in response.

Clarissa grabbed Rebecca with her magic, before she charged towards Xandas, as he drew his sword. The aura around Clarissa and Rebecca’s bodies glowed brighter, before they vanished. Xandas and his minions looked around, as Clarissa and Rebecca appeared on a tall building above them.

“Why aren’t we fighting him?” Rebecca asked, as she glanced back at Xandas.

“You’re not ready to fight him yet.” Clarissa replied, as she ran off.

The minions spanned out, as Clarissa kept running, before Clarissa and Rebecca were spotted by one of the flying minions. They chased the girls deeper into the city. As Clarissa kept running she thought of where she could teleport to next, before remembered Rebecca’s home and proceeded to teleport there. The minions looked around, confused where the two had escaped to next, before one recalled where they first encountered Rebecca and Clarissa, and proceeded to make their way back to Rebecca’s home.
Rebecca and Clarissa appeared in Rebecca’s living room, before Rebecca hopped off Clarissa’s back.

“Why did we run away, we could’ve taken them!” Rebecca said, as she stood in front of Clarissa.

“You can’t take Xandas on your own.” Clarissa replied.

“Then why don’t we fight him together? Isn’t that why you needed to find me in the first place?” Rebecca asked.

Clarissa was taken aback by Rebecca’s response, because she did have a point in why Clarissa was sent to Earth to begin with since Jezebel imprisoned the Alicorn guards into stone. Clarissa began to see some of herself in Rebecca. She remembered how determined she was to learn powerful spells in order to become a powerful unicorn. How this determination came to pass when she saw her friends in danger while they were attacked by Jezebel’s army. As Clarissa recalled these things, her necklace and Rebecca’s locket began to glow.

“You’re right Rebecca, now let’s go take him down!” Clarissa said, before Rebecca hopped onto her back.

After they were ready to charge into battle, there were several loud thuds were heard from outside. Clarissa teleported outside the barrier, and stood in front of Xandas.

“So you’ve decided to surrender?” Xandas asked, as he approached them.

“If you want us so badly, you’ll have to catch us!” Clarissa replied, before she ran past him.

The minions followed them, before Clarissa and Rebecca were surrounded. As the minions closed in on them, Clarissa concentrated on the city, before she and Rebecca teleported there. After they teleported in the outskirts of the city, Clarissa dashed forward. Clarissa kept running as they were pursued by the minions and Xandas.

“Clarissa, we need to take this away from this city if we’re gonna battle Xandas with everything we have.” Rebecca said.

“I think I have know just the place.” Clarissa replied, before she sped forward.

Clarissa dashed all the way to the forest, she first arrived at, while she dodged and leaped over oncoming traffic, while she made her way to the forest. After they arrived, Clarissa slid to a halt, before she channeled energy into her horn, before a series of waves were shot from it and into the air. When the animals were struck with the waves of energy they looked up at the sky, before they fled. As the animals fled the turtles, snails, and slugs were picked up and carried off by birds, cats, and dogs. After the forest had been evacuated, Clarissa gazed in the directions of Rebecca’s house while anticipated the oncoming horde.

“What did you just do?” Rebecca asked.

“I told the animals to run because the ensuing might destroy this forest.” Clarissa replied, a she saw the demons approaching.
The forces landed, before they charged towards Clarissa and Rebecca. Rebecca and Clarissa conjured their swords before they engaged the minions. They cleaved their way through the forces, before Xandas crashed in front of them, as his right fist cracked the ground. He darted towards Clarissa and Rebecca, before he engaged their swords with a spear. They parried weapons seven times, before Rebecca leaped over Xandas’ head, and landed behind him. Xandas parried them from both sides with his spear. He knocked Rebecca to the ground, before he lunged at her and was shot and knocked to the ground by by Clarissa. Clarissa fired three more shots at Xandas, as a cloud of smoke surrounded him. Xandas stood up, before Clarissa and Rebecca charged towards him. They engaged him, as he parried their attacks, before Rebecca’s aura flared and she shoved him back and knocked him to the ground with a swipe of energy from her sword. Xandas stood up once again, as he began to chuckle and then erupted in a hearty laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Clarissa asked.

“You have no idea how futile your efforts are do you?” Xandas replied with a smirk.

Clarissa and Rebecca glanced around and took note that they were surrounded by Xandas’ men, before Rebecca grinned and leaned her sword on her left shoulder.

“What, are you referring to dealing with your cannon fodder? We can defeat them easily, and then take you down.” Rebecca said.
“And how do you think Clarissa will get back to Fantasia. After all, Jezebel has King Brave-wing and Queen Valerie in her custody.” Xandas explained.

“So then in order to get back home, we’ll have to get through you?” Clarissa asked, as Xandas laughed once more.

Aggravated by Xandas’ words and reaction, Clarissa charged towards him, as he stood firm ready to engage her. When Clarissa came within foot of range, Xandas swung his spear, before she vanished, reappeared Xandas and pinned him to the ground with her glowing horn aimed at his head.

“Open a portal, now!” Clarissa demanded.

“As you command my dear.” Xandas replied, before Clarissa released him.

Xandas held up his spear with both hands, before he spread out his arms, as a portal appeared in front of him and Clarissa. Immediately after the portal opened Clarissa leaped through it, as Rebecca followed soon after. Knowing well what awaited them on the other side, a smiling Xandas followed the two along with his forces, before the portal closed behind them.

The End


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