Poem: Inspiration

By: Debleena Majumdar


I went searching for inspiration,
Empty bowl in hand;
Boss dumped a project,
Friend cribbed a bucket,
I ran to empty the bowl,
Now full of dirt, wet, sand.

I went looking for inspiration,
Something to touch the soul.
I read Brainy Quotes and Wise Words
Words flowed like the river,
Meandering through my brain
But nothing helped me reach my goal.

I sat alone in the room, as she
Pattered against the window pane,
Like an uninvited guest.
I saw them, arms outstretched, dancing
Ripples and puddles,
3 friends soaking up the rain.

I opened the balcony door, running
Through the meadows of childhood
I caught the rain in my arms,
I smelt her in my veins,
I embraced her again,
The wet mud in the dark, dark wood.

Inspiration chose its own way to
Knock today on my door.

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