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By: Milt Montague

voila da gamba

Bows dancing on strings
Sounds piercing my heart
Searing my soul
A plaintive cry
Out of the past

The Renaissance
To the ancients
Lights on once more
After a long desolate night

Viola da Gamba’s sonority
Singing via six strings
Alongside harpsichords
Relics of a romantic long ago
Tainted by greed and violence

Augmented by lush violins
Sweetly announcing
A passion of love
Lost or unrequited
Rarely regained

For nobility only
Courtly dances in palaces
Extravagantly coiffed ladies
In bejeweled satins and laces
Led by elegantly atttired gentlemen

Dimmed by the scrim of time
Illumed by hordes of candelabras
The scene slowly slips
Back into what once was
The very newest scene


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