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By: Linda M. Crate 


lost in the
periphery of
your gaze
i saw the tulips
of red dragon
we traverse old haunts
you forget me
i suppose
it’s less painful than remembering
because then you’d have
to face exactly
who you are,
and that might just hurt you
because i know there’s a part of you
that must perceive the
wickedness you’ve done;
you just don’t care—
one day when a girl treats you the
same way you did me,
and you’re the one that’s betrayed
then you will know a fraction
of the pain thrust at me
by your salted words of insincerity
and obnoxiousness;
i tried so hard to enrich your life with
and you did nothing but tear me
to pieces—
i rose from the chaos of my ashes,
but i don’t think
you’ll be strong enough when you face the
darkness you cast on me.


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