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By: Linda M. Crate 


it’d be different
if i knew you,
and you knew me;
but i don’t have a clue
who you are,
and you’re asking me out?
it’s an insult to everything
i am;
there’s no need for behavior
like yours
just because someone’s pretty
doesn’t mean you have
the right to harass them,
and all my life
i’ve bit my tongue and turned the
other cheek—
now i’m going to tell you,
and every man like you
i am not just
my body;
i have a heart and soul,
passions and talents
that you will never hope to know because
men like you don’t care about me
just want someone
to warm
your cold and lonely bed—
sorry, stranger, desperate and alone
i’m not the girl you’re looking
dance your magic upon someone who
might find it flattering
because i promise you that girl is
not me.


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