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By: Debleena Majumdar

battling dreams

She painted the rainbow,
He quietly held the corners.
She jumped,
He was there, tall.

She counted the stars,
He steadied the ladder.
She slipped,
His arms broke her fall.

She sang a new tune,
He held the pitch.
Others clapped.
He was there, in the hall.

Thunder roared, “quick
“Come indoors”, he called,
She laughed, couldn’t
hear him over the rain.

She lost her way, admiring
Flowers, on the way,
When she reached home,
It was empty, save the pain.

The Sun found him,
When the rain stopped.
In a land where dreams,
Lived in his lane.

She battled, alone,
In silence, she searched
She called, no one heard,

Save the empty wall.


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