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By: Bejoy Balagopal

voice of god

The swirling gust raged hard against us;
Like it had a score to settle from yore.
The clouds, dark and angry, pelted their might,
Was the searching, intense sky thirsty for more?

With strength draining away, I held on to her.
“Let her go”, I heard the heavens whisper.
As the pleading gaze pierced my facade,
Away I looked, it wasn’t meant to be this hard!

The heart numbed, I forgot to cry,
Were it mere moments that passed or did time really fly?
Body and mind floating in thin air,
I sensed my grip loosen, but did I really care?

Relief or Remorse, which way was the heart swaying?
Deafened by nature’s fury, I couldn’t hear what it was saying.
With trembling hands I looked into those eyes,
Did they paint me a hero or were it all lies?

Confuse it did, the sight I got to see
Why this illusion of never-dying faith in me?
And the fingers snapped to free her into the welcoming abyss,
A final glimpse, would this be a face I would miss?

Days have passed, since that journey to hell
The chirpy birds, they have new tales to tell.
Floating above the clouds, like a flock-less feather
Is my story, somewhere, lost forever!


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