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By: Basit Olatunji  


( for everyone in dire need )
If one has for once experienced
a twinkle moment of bondage
or has had a little taste of shortage
or boredom sticks to one
like an overbearing bed bug
one would sure know
there’s nothing compared to freedom

even when it does wear
a dangerous disguise of horror
even when it dons
a chameleon camouflage of terror

Yes, freedom is sweet
even if it has to be bargained
on the warring beaches of Normandy
or chased around like a wayward slave
on the eventful streets of Freetown

Yes, freedom is a healer
it clears the brunts
and heals the wounds
unleashed by Hitler

Yes, we need freedom
to soften the tremor
of our beastly minds

Yes, we need freedom
to restore our gentle candour
after the madness of their error
let’s preach freedom
let’s speak freedom
let’s seek its armour peace
so this utopia may never ever cease


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