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By: Linda M. Crate


i am a train
one day i’ll crash
monuments of myself that
i won’t recognize;
we are always evolving,
always changing
the more we
the more inevitable it is—
and though we
there’s a part of us that always
remains the same
i will always be the girl
that loves, loves, loves
no matter how
much it hurts or is unrequited
because to be a
villain in
the book of life isn’t something
i desire—
dropped the liar i once was,
but sometimes the
lies still whisper so sweetly
it’s hard to seal my lips from saying them;
but i want to be the person
people can trust
so i simply shrug them off
can’t let the darkness of another steal
away my light
must be the enchanted lantern
of a star clung in the night
standing for the right thing even if i stand lone—
just because you want to believe
the worst in me doesn’t
mean it’s true,
just like how i wanted to believe the best in you
didn’t make you any better than the
wretch you chose to be.


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