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By: Reese Scott

love twice

At fourteen they went behind the barn and got married. She brought one of her dogs and he brought one of his friends. After the wedding they dropped acid, climbed flag poles, put fireworks inside peoples’ homes and waited till they could damage the two people who loved them most.

For some reason being married only made this feel somehow morally sound. Even if they were both aware that it wasnt. In the end it didnt matter. Its what they wanted to do. And they were in love and they were now married and real marriage needs no permission.

Jim grew up with a Father. Pam grew up with a Mother. They felt they grew up in the same home. Since neither of them celebrated Christmas or birthdays. Only incest.

After the acid started to hit they got on their bikes and headed over to Pams Moms home. It was still daytime so she would still be passed out from fucking, sucking and snorting everything she could get her mouth on from the night before.

They walked in. Saw her passed out on the coach and quietly lit her and her house on fire. During the fire they stayed inside and cooked marshmallows over her burning body. Then kissed while they shared their marshmallows like people share their wedding cake.

After that they went over to Jims Dads home. He wouldnt be home for a few hours so they had time to relax and take the long way riding their bikes. Once they were inside they turned on the TV and played video games. When each game ended they would break a piece of the TV until finally there was no longer a TV. They laughed and felt like famous Rock Stars. They finished off Jims Dads beer, except for two, and the rest of his coke, and sat there and waited.

When Jims Father walked in. He nodded. Then walked into the kitchen. He then walked back out to the living room and looked them both in the eye. Staring at the two cans of beer they were holding and the two big smiles.

So you two are grown ups now? Is that whats happening here?

Jim and Pat just smiled and watched as their lack of reaction made Jim’s Dad angrier and more confused until finally he took the beers out of their hands and drank them himself.

Jim and Pam kept smiling.

You think being in a room with a real Man is funny?

No,Pam said.

What about you Jim?

No. Sir. In fact I find it quite enjoyable.

Then what the fuck are you two smiling at?


Then it became something choreographed from a sick comedy. Jims Father started to foam at the mouth. His eyes rolled in different directions. Like they were stuck in the wrong pinball machine.

Jim stood up. His father fell down. Jim unzipped his fly and pissed on his Fathers face. Pam stood up and stood over Jims Father. She just stared at him until he finally stopped breathing. They smiled and laughed as his face changed colors. It was good acid and it made the colors feel truly alive.

The End


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