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By: Debleena Majumdar

lost drop

She peeped from the
Leaking tap, dazzled
By the tapestry life spun.
Seeking her life under the Sun.
She dripped. One lost drop.

Jostling with the million
Other drops in the tanker,
She heard with dread,
The price to her head.
She lurched. One lost drop.

She joined the river,
Glistening gleam of calm?
A builder crouched in stealth,
Concrete castle. Empty wealth.
She jumped. One last drop.

She merged in the restless
Fury of the lashing waves.
Spewing venom. Tsunami of rain.
Leaving an ocean of pain.
She fell. One lost drop.

End of the day, tired,
As lost as you or me,
Too lost to cry or speak,
She rested on your cheek
She rolled. One last drop.


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