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By: Bejoy Balagopal

sands of time

In the rapidly vanishing sands of time,
Where is it that I draw my line?
Once the waves wash their sins on shore,
How would I know which half is mine?

In the lonely expanse of the blue,
Where do I build my little nest?
Once the winds finish their dance of abandon,
How would I know if my branch is still fine?

In the enticing depths of the far-flung seas,
Which rock do I choose, to rest?
Once the bubbles vanish and stillness calls,
How would I know if my heart has once more quest?

In this everyday crowd of comforting madness,
Whose ears should my voice seek?
Once the pain numbs me to eternal silence,
How would I know if my eyes shall speak?

In this pointless battle with the unknown self,
Which flag do I choose to wave?
When, for a final time, the whistle is blown,
How would I know which side to save?


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