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Rokda by Nikhil Inamdar, a book of business stories

baniyasToday, I’ve an interesting book which might sound more of a business one. However, I insist you read it. While this brings in mind the business, money into mind, it gives you an interesting class in India which has always focused on doing business. It is going to be an interesting ride to read such a book that tells you how ‘Baniya’ in India chose the path to set shops, construct factories and do businesses. It is a treat to read about them. Since the book takes examples from some of the popular businesses families. A profile of 5 prominent baniya businesses and their owners showcasing the qualities of a Baniya to excel in business. Excerpts from the press release shared by Random House India, the publisher of the book:

The Baniyas—they are at the epicentre of every imaginable business in India— from infrastructure to oil & gas and retail to e-commerce, from IT to telecom and education to aviation, no trade it seems, is beyond their grasp. Rokda, is a book which for the first time chronicles their journeys. From the Agarwals of Emami and the mild mannered R.K. Somany of Hindware, to the savvy Rohit Bansal of Snapdeal and the dynamic Guptas of Meru Cabs, Rokda seeks to uncover the secrets of doing business the Baniya way.

Nikhil Inamdar, through extensive interviews with the businessmen, their family and friends, tries to piece together the very qualities that make the Baniyas such a successful entrepreneur group in he country. In this book, through tracing these profiles, he tries to find out what it is that gives them the Midas touch, and the distinction of being India’s biggest wealth creators.

Nikhil Inamdar is a business journalist settled in Mumbai. He has been a journalist for over 7 years and has been employed by prestigious news organisations like Times Now, NDTV and Bloomberg TV India, where he has been a news anchor and reported on sectors like realty and infrastructure. He currently is a Special Correspondent with the Business Standard.

He has a degree in broadcast journalism and documentary film making from the University of Westminster, UK.

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