Poem: Lover’s Lexicon

By: Adreyo Sen

love's lexicon

Angel is the word that comes to me unbidden when you are sleeping.
Banter lets me drown in the love in your eyes.
Candor is the gift you’ve always given me.
Demure are your smiles in your delighting teasing.
Entrance me as Estella in your fleeting pensive moments.
Face down the world forever with those shoulders that are kisses.
Gay is your heart as it keeps on giving.
Hold me close, always.
Impassioned are your lips.
Knowing you is knowing my own Happiness.
Life flows through you to the little
Mean streets that are my life.
Nag me do, you only look so much more beautiful.
Open your eyes, love, let me see the world through them.
Pain is what they take away.
Quiet are your ways, your silence
Redeems me.
Silk is the grace of your movements,
Tangible are you, yet not.
Understanding has always been your greatest sin.
Violent are the feelings you stir in me,
Wistfulness is how I retrace your beauty.
Xanthic are those who don’t know you.
Yearning is all I can do when you are gone.
I should immure you forever in my Zenana.

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